William Higham

William Higham



  • The Rise of Customer – Driven Innovation
  • Building a Faster Horse
  • Three BIG Words
  • Securing the ‘Smart Employee’
  • Culture Club

What he offers

William provides early warning of future market trends. He uses consumer research and systematic analysis of change patterns and cultural dynamics, to help clients identify and target new consumer markets.

How he presents

His tailored trend interpretation are actionable and innovative helping business with solutions for today – and tomorrow. He is a highly popular speaker at internal and public conferences.

William Higham is an authority on Innovation and Strategy. He predicts how future consumers are going to behave, and recommends the best strategies clients should use to reach them.

William is the man who championed Strictly Come Dancing to the BBC, warned the drinks industry about the New Sobriety, and saw the Wellbeing Consumer coming mile off. His engaging and inspiring talks leave audiences excited to face the future: armed with new, smarter ways to handle tomorrow’s consumers; and an arsenal of opportunities for innovation-led growth. His keynote talks have inspired thousand globally; from conferences organized by the Financial Times and Harvard Business Review to corporate events for Walt Disney, Barclays and Primark.

William runs strategic consultancy Next Big Thing, helping clients from Amazon to HSBC understand what their customers (and employees) will think, do, expect, demand and buy in future. He has been interviewed across media: BBC to Bloomberg TV, Fast Company to The Times. He presented a TV show for CNBC, and written for The Economist, Advertising age and Huffington Post.

William made his name in the Music industry. Working at Sony, Virgin and Universal, he marketed artists from Michael Jackson to The Rolling Stones. His fascination with music fans led him to the Research Industry, as a consumer trends consultant for brands from Levis to BT: and later as managing director of research company OnePoll, whose clients include Kelloggs and Findus.


  • The Next Big Thing: Spotting & Forecasting Consumer Trends for Profit (2009)


“We’ve been tapping into Next Big Thing for several years now, within our local and international agencies. William has looked into the future for us at conferences and client events, presenting an insightful and energetic blend of media and consumer trends. We’ve also worked with Next Big Thing to identify client-facing global trends, and analyse what the implications might be for businesses. In a world where many evangelists masquerade as trend-spotters, William is a rare talent, cutting through the hype to reveal what is really going out there, and what could be round the corner.”

“William’s insights have helped us learn a great deal about a wide variety of consumers. He really understands how consumers think and behave. I’m especially impressed with his mindset work. It rocks.”

“Next Big Thing’s insights into the attitudes and behaviour of consumers have proved highly useful stimulus material for us.”

“Their insights have proved very useful to us helping inform our marketing campaigns.”

“William has provided us with useable insights into behaviour- and values-based demographic groups that helped add extra weight to some important new business pitches. Not only does heunderstand how UK consumers think and behave, he also knows how to apply those insights on a practical level.”

“It has been a great pleasure to work with such a professional speaker as William. He met our expectations in terms of quality and flexibility. He delivers his presentations in a very systematic and structured way, giving to the audience the opportunity to share and understand future trends in the market.”

“I’ve found William and The Next Big Thing excellent to work with. They are insightful and provide spot-on consultancy, as well as delivering what they promise on time and on budget. William has managed several major qualitative and quantitative research projects for us and has come up with meaty results which we have successfully used for PR purposes.”

“William is an unfailingly reliable source of clever and provocative insights into cultural and business trends. Whatever the subject, he’ll be able to give it an alternative spin that adds a richness to the story.”

“His presentation was extremely high standard: the Q&A proved testimony to that. I look forward to working with him again.”

“Next Big Thing provides really fresh insight into what’s going on out there and why. They have a knack of uncovering new values-based insights that consistently feed directly into helping shape our communications plans.”

“William’s research has contributed to several successful marketing campaigns.”

“I always turn to Next Big Thing when I want to find out what’s really going on in the UK. They have a remarkable insight into a wide range of consumer groups. I have used their findings to inform strategy, editorial and new business pitches.”

“We have found Next Big Thing’s regular bulletin’s very useful in keeping up to date with ever changing consumer trends and we regularly plunder their online library for ideas.”

Presentation Languages: English

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