Viviane Reding

Viviane Reding



  • The Future of Europe
  • Information Society and Media
  • Economic and Financial Governance
  • Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship
  • Leadership

What she offers

Viviane Reding offers audiences tremendous insights into social, economic and political issues that affect Europe. As a former Commissioner for the Information Society and her continued involvement with the European Digital Agenda she is an outstanding commentator on the strategic impact of new technologies in a digital world.

How she presents

Her leadership skills and extensive experience in politics and European decision making make Viviane Reding a highly sought-after speaker at prestigious conferences around the globe.

Viviane Reding is one of the most prominent personalities of Europe. She completed 3 terms as member of the European Government and became first Vice President and EU Commissioner responsible for Justice, Fundamental rights and Citizenship in 2010. Following her victory in the European elections in May 2014 she has taken up her seat in the European Parliament.

In 1999, having served 10 years in the Luxembourg Parliament and 10 years in the European Parliament, she became the EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport. In 2004 she became the EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media where she was instrumental in the reform of the European telecom sector, opening the internal market to competition. In that period she also reformed the European research area. Viviane Reding also created the basis for a “fundamental rights culture” across the European institutions. She was awarded numerous prestigious awards and a number of “Honoris Causa” degrees by universities.

She published many articles, mainly on the reform of European Institutions, on the development of the EU into a Federal Political Union as well as on economic and financial governance.


  • 2015 – Beaumarchais Medal of the French Dramatic Writers’ and Composers’ Association (SACD)
  • 2015 – Grand Decoration of Honour in Gold for Services to the Republic of Austria
  • 2015 – Commander of the Crown of the Civil and Military Order of Merit of Adolphe of Nassau
  • 2014 – .eu Champion Award (Web Awards 2014)
  • 2014 – Global Women’s Leadership Award
  • 2014 – Aenne Burda Award for political courage
  • 2013 – International Prize (Madrid Woman’s Week)
  • 2013 – World of Difference 100 Award, Washington
  • 2012 – Digital Power Index (Daily Beast)
  • 2012 – Chip Award 2012 (IT personality of the year)
  • 2012 – Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Glasgow
  • 2012 – Top 100 Global Thinkers
  • 2011 – Concordia Prize awarded by the Catalan Federation of Roma Associations
  • 2010 – BeNeLux-Europa Prize
  • 2009 – Doctor Honoris Causa, Sacred Heart University (Luxembourg)
  • 2009 – Honorary Citizen of Amfikleia (Greece)
  • 2008 – ADAC Gelber Engel Award
  • 2008 – 112 Award for political initiative
  • 2008 – Optical Society of America (OSA) Award
  • 2007 – Commissioner of the Year, European Voice
  • 2007 – Most Influential Person, World Communication Awards
  • 2007 – Deutscher Mittelstandspreis (German Small-business Award)
  • 2005 – Gloria Artis Medal of Honour (Poland)
  • 2005 – Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honour (France)
  • 2005 – Honorary Award for the promotion of journalism, Association of European Journalists
  • 2005 – Honorary Award from the Botsis Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism
  • 2004 – Doctor Honoris Causa, Fu Jen University (Taiwan)
  • 2004 – European Personality of the Year, San Sebastian International Film Festival
  • 2004 – Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Genoa
  • 2004 – Robert Schuman Medal
  • 2004 – Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Turin
  • 2002 – Marisa Bellisario Foundation International Award
  • 2002 – Memorial Medal awarded by the University of Bratislava
  • 2002 – Honorary Award from the Association of Sports Journalists (Greece)
  • 2001 – Gold Medal for European Merit
  • 1992 – Cross of St George, awarded by the autonomous government of Catalonia

Presentation Languages: English, French, German, Luxembourgish

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