Veysel Ulusoy


  • Turkish Economy and Economic Modelling of Turkish Economy
  • Analysis of Financial Markets – Macro and Micro Approaches
  • Productivity of Firms and Economic Development
  • Analysis of Economic Crisis: Antecedents of the Crisis, Firm Policies, Avoiding Crisis
  • Analysis of International Trade and Policy: Firm and Sector Analysis
  • Understanding the indicators in Economics
  • Quality Index for Firms and Sector: How to create and sustain one?
  • Structural Problems of Manufacturing Sectors and their Solution
  • Distinctive Presentation: Agriculture and Agricultural Problems, New Structural Design

What he offers

Veysel Ulusoy is focused on observing and analyzing the advances in Turkey’s and the World’s economies, and evaluating the impact of these advances towards the market, especially on firms and sectors. The aim of Ulusoy’s presentations are to lead and find ways to cooperate with the financial market decision makers by inspecting and interpreting the changes in the data of current production, foreign trade, and the financial market itself. Doing all these by analyzing and testing the data makes the decisions more dynamic and competent.

How he presents

Presenting the most complex issues in a comprehensible language, Ulusoy includes the latest developments that are public’s main concern in his presentations. He explains comprehensive topics such as production, agricultural policies, consumer behavior in an appealing manner.

Veysel Ulusoy (1966, Kahramanmaraş) graduated from Istanbul University School of Economics, majoring in Econometrics. He then continued on with his Masters and PhD in the US at Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship, Department of Economics.

Completing his education in the US with the help of the high achievement scholarship he got from the Ministry of Education by being in the top percentile in Turkey, started working as an Assistant Professor at Galatasaray University, School of Economics and Administrative Sciences. After Bahcesehir Unıversity was founded, he proceeded to be an instructer there until 2010. In 2000, Veysel Ulusoy became an associate professor in International Trade and Development, and in 2006, he became a full professor. He also gave lectures at Rouen University in France as a guest lecturer.

Ulusoy had the titles of Dean, Director of School of Social Sciences, and Director of School of Applied Sciences, and he is still School of Applied Sciences, and the Head of the PhD program for Financial Economics. With his students from graduate school, he found ways to depict and apply ways to define the economic models for the growth of Turkish Economy and the actions of the Central Bank towards financial opennes and trade. The students he mentored during their PhDs moved on to become instructors at universities, presidents of supervision boards at banks, CEOs and so forth. Having appeared at multiple TV channels as a guest speaker for economic analysis,  Ulusoy also has many published papers, especially abroad.


  • Türkiye’de İşsizlik ve İstihdam
  • Cari Açık: Geleceği Şimdiden Harcamak
  • Oyun Teorisi
  • Matematiksel İstatistik

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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