Ümit Kardaş

Ümit Kardaş



  • Constitutional Law and History
  • Criminal Justice
  • Ideology and Redefinition of the State
  • Historical Findings on Kurdish and Armenian Issues

What he offers

Ümit Kardaş assesses Turkey’s legal system on the basis of democracy and human rights and the universal norms of law. He talks about the constitutional-legal processes from the 1980s to today and judicial independence-neutrality issue in a comparative manner.

How he presents

He talks about the law being as essential in our lives as air, water and bread and how the disruptions in the legal-judicial system affect every area of life, with a sincere style and rich examples.

Lawyer, poet and writer. Ümit Kardaş was born in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ on March 18, 1950. His full name is Hatip Ümit Kardaş and he used the signature of Ümit Kardaş in his books. He graduated from Pertevniyal High School in 1967, Ortaköy Teacher High School in 1970, and Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1971. He became a military judge in 1975 and a doctor of law in 1985 after completing his thesis titled “Establishment and Powers of Military Courts in Terms of Independence of Judges”. He worked as a prosecutor, judge and judicial advisor in several locations. He retired in 1995 and started to work as a self-employed lawyer.

His articles have been published in Cumhuriyet, Milliyet and Radikal newspapers since 1992. He was a columnist in Taraf Newspaper for 3 years. He is currently writing in online newspapers Ahval and Artı Gerçek.


  • Zulüm Özür Uzlaşı, 2015
  • Askeri Ceza Kanunu Şerhi, 2014
  • Askeri Mahkemeler Kuruluşu ve Yargılama Usulü Kanunu (with Mehmet Çıngı), 2014
  • Disiplin Mahkemeleri Kuruluşu, Yargılama Usulü ve Disiplin Suç  ve Cezaları Hakkında Kanun (with Mehmet Çıngı), 2014
  • Demokrasi ve Hukuk Krizi, 2010
  • Ötekiler İçin Sivil İtaatsizlik Rehberi, 2008
  • Türkiye’nin Demokratikleşmesinde Öncelikler, 2004


Presentation Languages: Turkish

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