Uğur Gürses

Uğur Gürses



  • Monetary Policies, Markets
  • Understanding the Central Bank of the Rebuplic of Turkey
  • Financial Markets
  • Gold Markets
  • How to Interpret Economy and Financial Markets?
  • Global Future of Economies
  • Sharing Economy
  • The Economics of Artificial Intelligence

What he offers

As one of the most well-known columnists on economy and financial markets, Uğur Gürses analyses latest developments in both global and Turkish economy. In his speeches, he provides his audience with a comprehensive understanding of current economic indicators and helping them clarify ambiguities.

How he presents

Gurses is a warm and relaxed speaker who prioritizes his audiences’  needs in terms of economical knowledge. He discusses recent economical developments in a wider perspective, by considering the new industrial revolution and technological trends that have significant impacts on the economy as well.

Uğur Gürses graduated from the department of Economics, Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University in 1985.

Having started his professional life in The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in 1986, Gürses worked in exchange rate policies, foreign exchange reserve management and open market operations.

Gürses entered the private sector in 1994 and carried out senior executive duties in commercial banks until September, 2000. He left banking prior to 2001 economic crisis and served as economics commentator in CNN Türk TV between 2000-2005 and SkyTürk TV in 2011.

Uğur Gürses started to write economy and finance columns in Yeni Yüzyıl newspaper in 1999 and continued in Yeni Binyıl newspaper afterwards. He has written in Radikal newspaper between 2001-2014 and in Hürriyet newspaper between 2014-2018. He is currently writing to Deutsche Welle Turkey.

Gürses keeps writing articles about the latest economical developments in his personal blog and shares his comments in corporate meetings as a keynote speaker. He is interested in following the developments in archeology and space; reading on the “new economy”.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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