• Leadership: Master the Strategies for Successful Visionary Corporate Leadership
  • The Power of One Team: Unifying Leadership Teams Around One Vision
  • Innovation: Turn your business into a powerhouse of innovation
  • HR & Millennials: Become a magnet for top talent below 30
  • Strategic HR: Attract the Best, Keep the best
  • Digital Transformation: The holistic experience your consumer expects
  • Maximize Employee Productivity: Achieve new heights of productivity
  • Digital Consumers: Win the hearts and minds of digital consumers
  • Cross-Cultural Management: Optimize Communication Among Teams
  • In Pursuit of Excellence: Nothing Is Impossible

What he offers

Tom Oliver is one of the few experts in the world who is able to weave in areas as diverse as business, leadership, music, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship to reveal the theory and practice behind the secrets of corporate success, the trends for the future and what it takes to become and remain one of the best global brands in the next decade. After receiving a brief from a client, Tom collects hundreds of notes to tailor every keynote uniquely to the client’s needs to ensure the content delivered is unique and highly targeted.

How he presents

Tom interacts with Fortune 500 audiences in a way few other speakers can. Tom’s passion as a speaker is contagious. His charisma, artistic, dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial approach to business and society shine through in all he does. Hailed as one of the most entertaining, engaging and inspiring speakers by meeting planners and Fortune 500 CEOs, his presentations are a highlight at the most prestigious conferences around the globe.

Coach to many of the world’s top CEOs, philanthropists, and entertainers, Tom Oliver has shared his secrets on leadership, innovation and creativity with Bono, the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, and Richard Branson. Tom has worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, financial leaders like the World Bank Group, the Rockefeller family and the family of Warren Buffett, the world´s most notable business leaders and the best global brands from Johnson & Johnson to Pepsi and Google.

High in demand as a global keynote speaker and consultant and “fabulously placed to inspire those around him to learning whole new levels of solutions” (Google HQ Silicon Valley), the World Bank seeks his business advice, the European Parliament, the United Nations, Austria and China invite him to speak to world leaders, and Google invites Tom to coach leadership.

Tom has been awarded lifelong seats in some of the most influential think tanks of our time, together with a wide range of bestselling authors, Nobel Laureates and Heads of State, including The World Business Academy in the US. He has been praised as “a coach to many of the world´s most notable philanthropists, entertainers and CEOs” (McGraw Hill Professional).

Called “an extraordinary leader” by Deepak Chopra, Tom is the author of the global McGraw Hill publication “Nothing Is Impossible” that has been endorsed by business leaders from SAP to eBay and Google, and self‐made billionaires from Africa to the US. Tom is also the co‐author of the “Encyclopaedia of Global Environmental Governance and Politics”.

Termed “one of the world´s best experts on leadership” (Wharton School of Business), Tom is also a Visiting Professor of Innovation, Change Management, Digital Transformation, and Human Resources Management. Tom is a worldrenowned authority on disruptive innovation and holistic thought leader at some of the best business schools in the world. Tom founded the Global Leadership Circle at Manchester Business School while contributing to its being ranked as one of the top international business programs (Full‐time MBA ranked #4 in the world for ROI by Forbes).

Tom has been called an award‐winning “role model for the modern global social entrepreneur” (Peggy Dulany Rockefeller). Tom founded the renowned World Peace Foundation and World Peace Festival (WPF), which have been supported by business leaders like Richard Branson, heads of state and numerous Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu has called the WPF “the most influential peace gathering in history”.

Also “legendary singer & songwriter, music producer and live performer” (Riviera Buzz, France), Tom has been called “one of the most creative people on the planet” by the masterminds behind Barack Obama´s multiaward winning viral “Yes, we can” campaign. The world´s best creative agencies from Saatchi & Saatchi to Interbrand have termed Tom “an expert on understanding the Millennial Generation” (Interbrand).


  • Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Governance and Politics (co-author) (2015)
  • Nothing is Impossible (2014)


  • Awarded the title of “Best innovations in individual philanthropy and social investments around the world” (Synergos Institute, NYC)
  • Awarded Lifelong seat as a creative member in the Club of Budapest (together with 18 Nobel Laureates and heads of state)
  • Awarded Lifelong seat as a distinguished member in the Committee of the 100 for Tibet (invited to take the place of Vaclav Havel to become a member for life)
  • Awarded Lifelong seat in one of the leading global things tanks as youngest Fellow at World Business Academy, USA, together with renowned global thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, the former Dean of INSEAD and Kellogg School of Management Dipak Jain and Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard Business School


“Tom played an awesome role in making us One Team!” Burak Başarır, CEO Coca-Cola CCI

“Tom shows how to attract and retain the best people.” SAP

“An extraordinary leader! We are very grateful to have leaders like Tom.” Deepak Chopra, Worldwide Bestselling Author; Founder, Chopra Foundation

“Fabulously placed to inspire those around him to learning whole new levels of solutions.” Google HQ, California

“Highest ratings among all speakers!” Pepsi Co

“Invaluable insights.” The World Bank

“A very insightful, transparent and outstanding learning experience for myself and the whole team. Very compelling. You can feel that Tom lives the things he talks about. They come from the bottom of his heart and his soul. He is not conveying something he was told but something he has actually lived. Extremely powerful.” André Rheinboldt, Vice President Latin America Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson

“We learned a lot from Tom’s opening keynote and live music performance at Germany’s international IT Summit. The breadth and depth of his experience and his global network is impressive!” Floris van Heijst, General Manager Microsoft (Germany)

“My team and I got a lot of learning from your talk yesterday. The information you shared with us is something that will surely guide China Bank Savings moving forward” Alberto Emilio V Ramos, Senior Vice President, China Banking Corporation

“Tom had me glued to his seat for the entire duration of his keynote speech! Extremely powerful. His global, unique and holistic insights into areas such as Innovation, Digital Transformation, Digital Consumers, Change Management, Millennials and Strategic HR Management were highly valuable for me, my team and my organization.” Ramonito Tampos, President & MD, Philippines

“…my appreciation for your awesome talk yesterday. It is an honor to have met you personally” Daniel Isla, President, Lexus, Manila Philippines

“We have rarely seen as much enthusiasm in this office.” United Nations, UNOP

“Tom Oliver is the epitome of the social entrepreneur.” James M. Brasher III, founding Director of the Global Philanthropists Circle

“The tools will help to develop our ability to turn conflict into a positive and non-destructive force. I strongly believe that the tools we use and choices we make can leave a positive contribution to the world and that our legacy can build a lasting monument to peace.” Jochen Zeitz, former Chairman and CEO at PUMA

“Tom´s speech and live music presentation were very engaging, very insightful, very inspiring, and very beneficial for all of us. I learned a lot from it, and the team did as well.” Samir Ayoub, CEO, Mindshare MENA

“Tom is an expert on understanding the Millennial Generation and the hearts and minds of the consumers below 30. A passionate speaker who brings a completely different, unique and holistic view.” Jez Frampton, Global Group CEO, Interbrand

“Tom is creating a global community of millions of people who take an active stand for peace!” The Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“Tom is a role model for the modern global social entrepreneur.” Peggy Dulany Rockefeller, Co-Founder and Chair of the Global Philanthropists Circle

“One of the highest rated speakers at all global events!” YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization)

“A coach to many of the world´s most notable CEOs, philanthropists, and entertainers.” McGraw Hill Professional, USA

“The first and only speaker we found in 10 years to successfully address our audience of global entrepreneurs, billionaires, politicians, CEOs and heads of state.” Bertelsmann Foundation

“Tom provides the right tools to show you that nothing is impossible when it comes to your realizing your own unique, personal vision!” Jeff Skoll, ebay’s 1st President/Founder and Chairman of the Skoll Group

“Audacious, passionate and driven, Tom lives a mantra which is incredibly close to our heart at SAATCHI & SAATCHI that nothing but nothing is impossible.” Richard Huntington, Director of Strategy, Saatchi & Saatchi

“Tom is one of the world’s best experts on leadership!” Wharton School of Business, USA

“Banking and Finance can profit immensely from Corporate Social Responsibilty, and Tom is the perfect conduit for delivering this message to CEOs around the world.” Dr. Djordjija Petkoski, The Wharton School of Business & The World Bank

Presentation Languages: English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese

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