Todd Buchholz

Todd Buchholz



  • Is the Economy Headed Higher — or Off A Cliff?
  • How To Compete in A Global Economy
  • The Next President 2016 — What’s at Stake?
  • Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race
  • New Ideas from Dead CEOs
  • China: The Threat and the Opportunity
  • The Hope and Danger Behind World Politics

What he offers

Todd targets his entertaining remarks to the cutting edge of economics, finance and business strategy, and shows audiences how to thrive in a chaotic economy, while gearing up for prosperity.

How he presents

Described by The Wall Street Journal as ‘witty, iconoclastic and engaging’, Todd is a highly sought-after professional speaker who delivers high-octane presentations.

As a frequent commentator on the state of the markets, Todd Buchholz brings his experience as a former White House director of economic policy, a managing director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund, and a Harvard economics teacher to the cutting edge of economics, fiscal politics, finance, and business strategy. An experienced media personality, Buchholz gave a lecture at the White House entitled “Clarity, Honesty and Modesty in Economics,” and has delivered keynote speeches before such influential corporate and financial institutions as Microsoft, IBM, Goldman Sachs and the United States Chamber of Commerce. He has served as a consulting advisor to the White House, Microsoft, Allstate, Goldman Sachs, IBM, SAP and Toyota, and he is routinely asked to provide perspective in newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Buchholz has authored numerous critically acclaimed and best-selling books, many of which he has developed into successful lectures and speaking events. His books have been translated into a dozen languages and are used in universities worldwide, including at Harvard, Duke, and Princeton. Author Buchholz is praised for his examination of economics, business and entrepreneurship in the context of global society.

Before joining Tiger in 1996, Buchholz was President of the G7 Group, an international consulting firm whose clientele included many of the top securities firms, investment banks and money managers in New York, London, and Tokyo, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. His commentaries were closely read by officials at the Federal Reserve, Bundesbank and Bank of England. From 1989 to 1992 he served at the White House as a Director for Economic Policy. Buchholz holds advanced degrees in economics and law from Cambridge and Harvard. He was a fellow at Cambridge University in 2009, holds several engineering and design patents and is a co-producer of the Broadway smash “Jersey Boys.” Buchholz is the inventor of the Math Arrow, a mathematical matrix that makes numbers more intuitive to children. He is the CEO of Sproglit, LLC, which develops software and classroom materials based on the Math Arrow. Martin Cooper, widely recognized as the inventor of the cellular phone, has called the Math Arrow “ingenious.”


  • Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race (2011)
  • Lasting Lessons from the Corner Office (2009)
  • New Ideas from Dead CEOs (2007)
  • The Castro Gene (2007)
  • Bringing the Jobs Home (2004)
  • Market Shock: 9 Economic and Social Upheavals that Will Shake Our Financial Future (2000)
  • New Ideas from Dead Economists (1999)
  • From Here to Economy (1996)


  • Allyn Young Teaching Prize, Harvard University
  • Named “One of the Top 21 Speakers of the 21st Century” by Successful Meetings Magazine

Presentation Languages: English

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