Tanzer Polat Yılmaz

Tanzer Polat Yılmaz



  • Manage Yourself First
  • Golden Collars
  • Organizational Communication
  • New Media – Social Networks
  • Social Structure of Turkey from Past to Present
  • Social Capital
  • Turkish Economy, Global Developments and Turkey of the Future
  • Art of Communication and Rhetoric
  • From Personal Development to Positive Change

What he offers

The experience acquired in social life finds a meaning for the individual and their social environment once it transforms into awareness. Starting from this phenomenon, Tanzer Polat Yılmaz considers his presentation not only as a mere transfer of knowledge, but as a tool that makes life for his audience more visible and touchable through the effect it has on them. Whatever the topic may be, the real objective is to leave a pleasant mark on the ears together with creative questions in the mind.

How he presents

Tanzer Polat Yılmaz presents academic and social knowledge to his audience by blending it with humor, which he believes is the most effective way that succeeds to keep up people’s perception and attention. His presentation is powered by a professional and scientific basis, while using a special narration technique that holds the audience together both physically and mentally.

Tanzer Polat Yılmaz was born in Diyarbakır in 1978. He completed his B.A. degree in Ankara University Faculty of Political Science Public Administration department. He then got his master’s degree in Hacettepe University Department of Economics. He wrote his thesis entitled “Economics of the Middle East and the Water Problem”. He is currently pursuing his doctor’s studies in Hacettepe University Department of Sociology.

He is working on his doctoral thesis entitled “The Arab Spring: Social Movements Enabled by Social Media in the Middle East – Exampled of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, and Effects on Turkey. His main areas of specialization are New Media – Social Media, Social Movements and Political and Sociological Structure of the Middle East.

Starting his professional life with civil society work, Tanzer Polat Yılmaz acted as an executive in social youth projects across Turkey, primarily in the South Eastern Anatolian region, under United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In this context, he was the founder of the youth centers that were established in various cities.

Alongside his civil society work, Yılmaz started his commercial life in the tourism industry. He acted as general manager in important tourism facilities of Turkey and he became an industry representative with the Ministry of Tourism. During this time, he improved his knowledge and skills in the field by participating in domestic and foreign industry expositions and events, at the same time serving as a consultant for new tourism investments.

Yılmaz has been the Chairman of South Eastern Entrepreneurial Businessmen Association (South Eastern GİAD) for the last two years. He is also the Deputy Chairman of Southern and South Eastern Young Businessmen Federation  (GİAF) and the General Secretary of Turkey Young Businessmen Confederation (TÜGİK).

Yılmaz carried out various economic and social projects under these important civil society organizations and he appears on various media channels with his titles both in civil society and commerce.

Writing articles on an online news portal about economic and social topics, Yılmaz is also giving lectures at events organized by universities and corporations as well as participating other events. Tanzer Polat Yılmaz has two published works entitled “Economies of the Middle East and The Water Problem” and “The Boss of My Female Friend”.

Yılmaz founded Tanzer Polat Yılmaz Corporate Consultancy Services in 2017 where he provides training services to corporations.


Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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