Sunay Akın

Sunay Akın



  • Awareness and Innovation
  • To Look & To See
  • Richness of Life
  • Innovative Mind – Thinking Differently
  • Hidden Faces of İstanbul
  • People and Technology
  • Art – Literature – Poetry
  • Deepness of History

What he offers

Acclaimed poet and author, Sunay Akın masterfully combines poet, culture and history with his practice. He offers an inspiring philosophy of life, giving us a great ideas on how to be aware of ourselves, our lives, beloved ones and all other people around us, and the history from which we should take lessons.

How he presents

His fascinating presentations are highly sought after by a diverse range of audiences. He draws upon his experience and insights with stories of his real life, and takes us on a journey from past to the future with his vision of a global world which is full of peace and love.

Sunay Akın is a poet who most loves the year he was born in because in his own words, he could draw a rabbit out of the digits 6 and 2. He is also a philanthropist and is the founder of İstanbul Toy Museum, a showcase of thousands of antique toys from around the world. He wrote poems and columns in many newspapers and journals. He re-published “Yaprak”, the newspaper of the renowned poet Orhan Veli. He produced and presented shows on various TV channels. İstanbul has a prominent place in Akın’s works. He proclaims Maiden’s Tower as the “Republic of Poetry”. He even puts on the shiny armours of a knight to protect Maiden’s Tower whose connection to the masses he wants to be through art events. He proposes naming ships after poets. He is an overthrown president living in İstanbul!…


  • Geyikli Park (2013)
  • Bir Çift Ayakkabı (2011)
  • Çorap Kaçığı (2010)
  • Ay Hırsızı (2009)
  • Tuncay Terzihanesi (2007)
  • İki Şair Arasında İstanbul (with Akgün Akova) (2006)
  • Kule Canbazı (2004)
  • Kırdığımız Oyuncaklar (2003)
  • Onlar Hep Oradaydı (2002)
  • İstanbul’da Bir Zürafa (2001)
  • Önce Çocuklar ve Kadınlar (2000)
  • Ayçöreği ve Denizyıldızı (2000)
  • Kız Kulesi’ndeki Kızılderili (2000)
  • 62 Tavşanı (1998)
  • İstanbul’un Nazım Planı (1996)
  • Kaza Süsü (1996)
  • Antik Acılar (1995)
  • Makiler (1989)

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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