Stéphane Garelli

Stéphane Garelli



  • Volatile but not Unpredictable: a Competitiveness Outlook for 2015 and Beyond
  • The Competitiveness of Enterprises on
    World Markets
  • The Competitiveness of Nations
  • The New Rules of Competitiveness Today
  • The Impact of New Technologies on Opening Markets and Increased Productivity
  • The Consequences of Competitiveness on Work, Attitudes and Skills

What he offers

Stéphane Garelli reads today’s global economic picture better than anyone else. He is an exciting speaker who combines content with an entertaining approach to complex issues supported by his trademark graphics. His presentations on competitiveness provoke companies and individuals to think “outside the box”, and to confront their strategies with recent market trends and new competitive pressures.

How he presents

With meticulous preparation Stéphane’s fact filled presentations are rich with detail, acumen and invaluable insights.

Stéphane Garelli is a Professor at both the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), one of the world’s leading business schools, and at the University of Lausanne. He is also the founder of IMD’s World Competitiveness Center and is an authority on World Competitiveness: his research focuses particularly on how nations and enterprises compete on International markets.

Professor Garelli is closely connected to the world of business. He is, among others, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Le Temps”, the leading French language Swiss newspaper. He was formerly Chairman of the Board of the Sandoz Financial and Banking Holding, and member of the board of the Banque Edouard Constant. The author of numerous publications in the field of competitiveness, international trade and investments, he is also a columnist in several magazines. For twelve years he was permanent senior adviser to the European management of Hewlett-Packard, and before that Managing Director of the World Economic Forum and of the Davos Symposium for many years. He is a member of a number of institutes, such as: China Enterprise Management Association, Board of the ‘Fondation Jean Monet pour l’Europe’, The Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, the Mexican Council for Competitiveness, Advisory Committee of the Thai Management Association, etc.


  • Top Class Competitors! How Nations Firms and Individuals succeed in the New World of Competitiveness (2006)
  • The World Competitiveness Yearbook, (Annual Reference Book)


“Stéphane Garelli was absolutely brilliant! He made a rather tired and complex subject fun and interesting. He was very much appreciated by the audience with a good sense of humour. One of the best keynote speakers we ever had.”

“Stéphane was very well received, very inspirational and very dynamic. It was great to have him at the end as he broadened our horizons.”

“Stéphane was an excellent choice. He dealt with a high level message and made it applicable to a wider audience with varied interests.”

Presentation Languages: English, French

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