Sony Kapoor

Sony Kapoor



  • Challenges and Opportunities of the Euro Crisis
  • Financial Regulation
  • International Governance
  • Development Economics
  • Taxation – Financial Transaction Tax and
    Tax Havens
  • Green Finance and Sustainable Investments
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds and Pension Funds

What he offers

As a frequent commentator on the Euro Crisis, development finance, the environment and international governance, Sony shares creative yet pragmatic solutions to the public policy challenges of our times. He employs vivid metaphors to argue that finance needs to be reigned in to bring us back to prosperity.

How he presents

Sony Kapoor’s speaking style coupled with an incisive understanding and enlightened capacity to explain and discuss economic and global issues has contributed to his high popularity and reputation.

Sony Kapoor is an international expert in finance and development. He has been the Managing Director of Re-Define, an economic and financial think tank since 2008. Re-Define advises policy makers and civil society on ways to improve both the quality of public debate and policy-making. Sony has been an expert visiting Fellow at the European Commission and the European Parliament advising on Economic Governance, Financial Reform and the Euro Crisis. He was elected to be the first Chairman of the European Banking Authority’s Banking Stakeholder Group, and still chairs its Systemic Risk Work-group. Sony is also currently both a Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Strategy Adviser to the Systemic Risk Centre.

Sony’s career has spanned commercial banking, trading derivatives, leveraging finance and offering consulting services on derivatives across various companies and countries. His focus then moved to where he is today, being committed to finding solutions to the on-going economic and financial crises.

Sony Kapoor is also widely published on topics of the Euro crisis, financial reform and international governance. He has written a book ‘The Financial Crisis – Causes and Cures’, which talks to the non-finance specialist, written for policy makers inside and outside of government. He has also written numerous articles for newspapers and is often interviewed by TV as well as giving seminars and guest lectures to academics and economic governmental bodies.


  • The Financial Crisis – Causes and Cures (2010)


“Sony’s keynote was a finance masterpiece and he totally engaged the audience throughout.”

“Sony is an excellent speaker and shared many relevant examples during the panel discussion.”

Presentation Languages: English

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