Sine Çakır

Sine Çakır



  • Hosting & MC & Moderation

What she offers

Sine Çakır is one of the TV’s young and successful presenters.  While presenting  she likes to use her experiences gained from differen sectors.  Her  presentation style is sincere and clear. She is curious, asks questions and makes people ask questions as well. She easily breaks the ice between  the audience & her. She knows what it means to be a successful woman in a man’s world.

How she presents

Sine Çakır is an elegant and dynamic presenter. She easily reflects her enthusiasm to the audience. Çakır makes sure that the audience gets involved.  She is so determined for her proper Turkish and never makes concession on this.  Her style  is informative, fluent and full of fun.

Sine Çakır graduated from Political Science and International Relations Department, Istanbul University in 2005. While in college, she worked in the CNN Turk newsroom, where she had laid the foundation of her TV life. She then worked as a project manager for Istanbul Chamber of Industry, focusing on EU issues. In 2007-2010, she worked for CSA Global Publishing as a project manager. She then went to the USA for language training.

In 2010, Sine Çakır took courses in phonetics, diction, interview techniques, TV programming and public speaking at Dialog School. She continued her work in diction and sports presentation under the tutelage of one of the field’s doyens, Oztürk Pekin. The same year she started working as a video editor in LIGTV’s ‘’Different Angle’’ programme. At the same time she conducted lives and interviews during the Turkish Football League matches. Since 2011, Sine is an anchor in BeINSPORTS. She presented the channel’s main news show and various other programmes. Currently, she runs the channel’s morning show, ‘’Good Morning Football’.

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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