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  • Sustainable Development
  • International Affairs
  •  Humanitarian & Aid
  • Environment
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What she offers

An experienced interviewer and facilitator, Shiulie is in demand as a moderator for panel discussions, conferences and other events, both virtual and in person. Engaging and accomplished, Shiulie’s people skills are a vital part of the chemistry she creates with every audience.

How she presents

One of Europe’s most experienced international news anchors, Shiulie brings authority and a first class pedigree and profile to every event she hosts, based on her formidable track record working at many of the world’s major broadcasters.

Shiulie Ghosh is an award-winning journalist with a career spanning more than 20 years. She has worked for some of the best known television news broadcasters in the world, including the BBC, ITV News, Aljazeera and TRT World.

As a senior anchor for Aljazeera English, Shiulie launched the international channel from Qatar in 2006, eventually reaching some 200 million homes. She has reported from conflict and disaster zones around the globe, covering major stories including  the Kosovo War, the Asian Tsunami, the Arab Spring, the capture of Osama Bin Laden and the death of Nelson Mandela.

Shiulie is now one of the leading anchors on the global network TRT World. She helped launch TRT’s London bureau for television and radio and now hosts the network’s nightly flagship evening News hour.

Shiulie is an experienced host and moderator who has worked with high-profile clients and industry leaders around the globe. She has moderated high-level discussions at the United Nations and the World Health Assembly, and has presented conferences for many international businesses including the finance, health, energy and construction sectors. Shiulie runs her own media production company based in Buckinghamshire. When she has time, she writes fiction and is a published author.


“Shiulie Ghosh brought an element of professionalism to our event that immediately raised its profile. With little preparation, she efficiently ran the show  with both grace and authority.”

“Our event took place in front of dignitaries, ministers, and top level WHO officials. Shiulie hosted the debate with professionalism, put everyone at their ease, and made sure it ran without a hitch.”

Presentation Languages: English

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