Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith



  • BOLD – How to be Brave in Business and Win
  • Managing Your Customer Experience – Turning Your Customers into Advocates
  • Uncommon Practice – Differentiating Your Brand
  • See, Feel, Think, Do – The Power of Instinct in Business
  • Living the Brand – The Move Towards Holistic Marketing
  • Aligning Your Organisation – Harnessing the Power of Your People

What he offers

He has developed some of the latest thinking and practice around customer experience, helping organisations world-wide to achieve brand differentiation and long-term customer loyalty.

How he presents

Shaun is an inspirational speaker, he doesn’t talk paradigms, complex methodologies or seven magic bullets; instead his approach is refreshingly straightforward, always pragmatic and at times, controversial.

Shaun has been a catalyst in expanding management focus from the tactical issues of customer service to the wider of customer experience. Shaun now runs his own customer experience consultancy, Smith+co, which is firmly rooted in the ‘keep it simple’ ethos. Over the last 25 years, Shaun has built up a wealth of practical experience with organisations throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, working with senior executive teams on key issues such as brand strategy and implementation, leadership, customer experience and organisational alignment.

Shaun began his career in the airline industry, where he became Head of Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Training worldwide for British Airways’ highly acclaimed ‘Putting People First’ service and culture change programme. During this time he launched a British Airways subsidiary company offering training services to the travel trade. Shaun has appeared on the Ask the Expert programme on CNBC and was also recently voted one of the top business speakers in the UK.


  • On Purpose: Delivering a Branded Customer Experience People Love (with Andy Milligan) (2015)
  • Bold: How to Be Brave in Business and Win (with Andy Milligan) (2011)
  • See, Feel, Think, Do – The Power of Instinct in Business (with Andy Milligan) (2006)
  • Uncommon Practice (with Andy Milligan) (2002)
  • Managing the Customer Experience (with Joe Wheeler) (2002)


“Good delivery, challenging, spontaneous and well prepared.”

“Shaun’s contribution to our conference was fantastic. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his sessions and found them extremely value-adding. The overall conference feedback has been overwhelming, both from delegates and senior management. Shaun’s effort to tailor his sessions in line with our overall conference objectives and agenda was greatly appreciated. I am someone with high expectations but Shaun definitely exceeded them.”

“Shaun made a real difference to our conference in Cologne and the discussions we were able to have there. His insights were very thought-provoking and all the more powerful because of the time and trouble he took to make them relevant to us and to our business. It was impressive for us to see the effort he invested in getting to know us in order to ensure that his messages landed appropriately. His commitment is much appreciated. We are on a journey of discovery and he helped us on our way.”

“Shaun’s message was spot on. Getting staff to own and live the brand, and creating a ‘brand community’ is something I have been encouraging; it was reassuring to hear Shaun deliver the same message and will help to get buy-in from our senior managers and staff. The majority of our delegates rated Shaun’s session as the aspect of the day which was most interesting and useful to them at work.”

“Shaun invested time to understand the context of the talk and the themes we wished him to reinforce. He delivered a speech that was right on-target. It further built on the events of the day and was engaging and thought-provoking for our customers. As a result, we received very positive feedback from everyone involved.”

“The delegates awarded your presentation the highest score of any external speaker. You not only met my expectations, but also the expectations of my customers, which is what really counts. I would therefore like to thank you again for your contribution to our successful conference.”

“Shaun worked with us to effectively integrate corporate best practice from major brands with our strategy, bringing our plans to life in such a way that he kept the audience engaged and reinforced key messages. Audience feedback was excellent; clear, passionate, fantastic. It really made me think.”

“The workshop was insightful and inspiring. We have a much clearer understanding of how we can differentiate our customer experience and deliver our brand in our European operations. Most importantly, we now have practical tools that we can use to engage our people and enable them to deliver the Phonehouse experience.”

“The poise, passion and commitment Shaun showed in his work is infectious and I think everyone in attendance appreciated the candour with which he spoke. It is a wonderful treat to be able to listen to a speaker of his calibre and I know it was appreciated by all those in the room.”

“Our delegates were riveted by what Shaun had to say and I am sure that they will take away with them many new insights on achieving brand differentiation and customer loyalty through the customer experience. I would like to thank Shaun for contributing to our conference’s success.”

“Shaun did an outstanding job of informing, educating and entertaining senior leisure directors at the Leaders in Leisure event. So much so, that we invited him back to present for the third year running.”

“Shaun is a master at storytelling and does it in a way which stretches anyone in the service and sales arena to go that extra yard. His insights are well researched and relevant to the audience – they hit home with full impact.”

“I found the event enlightening and I took away new insights on achieving brand differentiation and enhancing the customer experience. This is well worth the one-hour investment.”

“You don’t want to miss this thought-provocative event. Shaun Smith offers an interesting twist on how we should look at all the possibilities for making our contact centers a value-add, with a greater focus on the customer, and enabling our representatives to differentiate the experience and protect the brand.”

“This was a great webinar that forces you to think. Shaun’s premise that too many of us “manage by the numbers” instead of “leading from the gut” is supported by intriguing stories and case studies. Worth every minute.”

“Inspiring, constantly maintaining interest…Shaun is an excellent presenter…Liked his examples, structure and energy. Excellent…very experienced and pragmatic in his approach and content;…Gave practical solutions and real life examples, which gave credibility to what he suggested…Thought-provoking in his presentation…Clear, easy to understand and very practical in implementing and aligning organisations to meet customer needs…Exceptionally relevant with excellent example…Lots of ideas to consider.”

Presentation Languages: English

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