Sevda Alankuş

Sevda Alankuş



  • Representation of Women and Minorities in Media
  • Local and Alternative Media
  • Peace Journalism
  • Media and Ethics
  • Media and Women
  • Violence Against Women and Media

What she offers

Drawing on her experience of several years as an academician, and her considerable understanding of the modern media, she specialises in – often at the same time Representation of Women and Minorities in Media, Local and Alternative Media, Peace Journalism, Media and Ethics.

How she presents

Highly experienced and charming Prof. Sevda Alankuş is in great demand as a keynote speaker at conferences all around the country.

Prof. Dr. Sevda Alankuş graduated from Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University. Respectively, she received her MA degree and Ph.D degree in Political Science and Public Administration. She was awarded “Peace Research Fellowship” and she did her post-doctoral research on “Cultural/Ethnic Identities” at the Department of Social Policy and Sociology, University of Leeds in United Kingdom in 1988-1989. Following her teaching experience in different universities of Turkey between 1999-2008, she taught at Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Communication in the North Cyprus. While she was working as the dean of the faculty, she initiated to establishment of “Center for Peace and Communication Research” for promoting peace journalism in Cyprus. She was promoted to full Professorship in Communication Theories in 2008. She was the dean of the Faculty of Communication, İzmir University of Economics between 2008-2013. Prof. Alankuş is working as the dean of the Faculty of Communication, at the Kadir Has University.

Prof. Alankuş advised and set seminars for promoting human, women, children rights-based journalism among local media journalists as training-coordinator of the Independent Communication Network (ICN) that runs as one of the pioneer, project-based alternative/independent news site in Turkey since 2000.

Prof. Alankuş took part in various projects. As reseacher and research coordinator respectively she did media monitorings in two different projects titled “Violence Towards Women” and “Rapprochement Process Between Turkey and Armenia”. She worked as advisor in the project of Turkish History Foundation for promoting human rights in primary/secondary school textbooks.

Prof. Alankuş is the editor of several books and has publications on representations of women in different genres of media; role of alternative and local media in democratization of Turkey’s media environment; peace journalism vs war/mainstream media journalism practices of Turkish Cypriot and Turkish media.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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