Seda Genç

Seda Genç



  • The Path to the Heart of Your Customers Passes Through the Brain!
  • User Experience & Neuromarketing in Digital World (NeuroDigital)
  • The Secret Recipe of Persuasion
  • Neuromarketing for Social Media & Netnography
  • Neuromarketing Strategies in E-Commerce
  • The Future of Marketing & How to Become a T-shaped Marketer
  • Digital Body Language: The Science Behind User Experience

What she offers

Seda Genç, who is one of the pioneers of neuromarketing in Turkey, explains consumer behaviors and neuromarketing through her knowledge and experiences in the framework of the disciplines related to human and economy and gives attendees different perspectives. She contributes to the development of this field with national and international studies and creates awareness.

How she presents

Contrary to boring marketing presentations, attendees are attracted with more entertaining language and rich content.

Seda Genç graduated from Yildiz Technical University with a bachelors degree in Statistics. She received her master degree in Marketing Communication from Istanbul Bilgi University. She started her career by working as a freelancer web and graphic designer during university years. Along with her master education, she started to work in the field of marketing psychology and neuromarketing. She is certified by many international organizations in the field of neuromarketing, behavioral economics, marketing psychology and NLP.

During her professional career, she managed many projects regarding brand management, digital marketing and marketing communication. She has significant multinational experiences in different positions. During her IBM career, she worked as a Country Digital Marketing and Brand Systems Leader. She also worked at Garanti Bank and Tmob as a Marketing Communication Supervisor.

In 2015, she decided to combine her knowledge and experiences to provide marketing insights to businesses. She is the founder of Neuro-mar Neuromarketing Consultancy. She advises on neuromarketing, consumer behaviours and provides trainings to help companies to find the best strategies going to their customers’ heart. With the aim of raising awareness of neuromarketing in Turkey, she also created the brand – Nöropazarlama Akademisi (Neuromarketing Academy)- organizes neuromarketing trainings, workshops and meetups.

In 2017, she entered into a partnership with worldwide neuromarketing company – Neurons Inc.

She attends seminars and conferences as a speaker. She writes about neuromarketing and consumer behaviours on her blog and reputable publications.


NöroDijital (2018)

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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