Seda Genç

Seda Genç



  • Innovation in Marketing & Customer Experience
  • User Experience & Neuromarketing in Digital World (NeuroDigital)
  • The Secret Recipe of Persuasion
  • Neuromarketing for Social Media & Netnography
  • Neuromarketing Strategies in E-Commerce
  • The Future of Marketing & How to Become a T-shaped Marketer
  • Digital Body Language: The Science Behind User Experience

What she offers

Seda Genç, who is one of the pioneers of neuromarketing in Turkey, explains consumer behaviors and neuromarketing through her knowledge and experiences in the framework of the disciplines related to human and economy and gives attendees different perspectives. She contributes to the development of this field with national and international studies and creates awareness.

How she presents

Contrary to boring marketing presentations, attendees are attracted with more entertaining language and rich content.

Seda Genç is a neuromarketing leader in Turkey, neuromarketing consultant and founder of Neuro-mar. She is also partner of worldwide neuromarketing company Neurons Inc. in Turkey.

During her professional career, she had significant experiences in many multinational companies in the fields of marketing communications, brand management and digital marketing. During her IBM career, she worked as a Country Digital Marketing and Brand Systems Leader. She also worked at Garanti BBVA and Tmob as a Marketing Communication Manager.

In 2015, she founded Neuro-mar Neuromarketing Consultancy. Currently, she is working as a neuromarketing consultant and public speaker working locally and globally. Since 2017, she is the partner of worldwide neuromarketing company – Neurons Inc. in Turkey and Middle East region.

She is certified by many international organizations in the field of neuromarketing, consumer neuroscience, behavioral economics, psychology and NLP.

In 2020, he has been awarded as a Gold Winner in Innovation & Science category by MEA Stevie Awards. This is the first international award of Turkey in the field of neuromarketing.


NöroDijital (2018)

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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