Samet Ensar Sarı

Samet Ensar Sarı



  • Digital Transformation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Media Trends with a Marketing, Sales and Communication Perspective
  • International Partnership, Selling and Merging Business
  • New Generation Customer Experience
  • Blockchain for Social Media

What he offers

As one of the pioneers in Turkey on digital marketing and digital technologies, his area of expertise, he makes highly comprehensive and result-oriented presentations about market requirements and potential opportunities and trends to professionals of the industry using his academic skills. The highlights of his presentations comprise how corporate companies should apply innovation and entrepreneurship in the era of digital transformation and how corporate perspective should change and how social media will be effective in the overall structure of companies.

Being an academic on social media and digital campaigns and having conducted one of the first academic studies on Blockchain in Turkey, he constantly investigates and presents the latest subjects and potential areas of business during his meetings.

How he presents

Having chosen both social and internet entrepreneurship as a career while he was just a student at the university and having realized his most important success story by founding the first social media-driven marketing company in Turkey, which he then made known internationally, he has strong communication skills and uses a comprehensible language according to his target audience. While making a speech, he prefers to be interactive and be someone having a way with the audience.  He places emphasis on describing the current matters in the agenda with a perspective extending from the past to the future, getting to the core of the matter, and on avoiding superficiality. According to the audience, he brings forward sincerity in the narration and he plans in advance any most important messages he wants to give.

Samet Ensar Sarı is the co-founder of Dekatlon Buzz, the first social media digital agency in Turkey, which won many awards, including Cannes Lions . Altavia, Europe’s largest retail-oriented marketing group, acquired the majority shares of Dekatlon Buzz in 2016, taking into consideration the 1900% growth that the agency has achieved in parallel with its business model, services and success stories it has created as from its foundation year until its 6th year.

Samet Ensar Sarı became a member of European Steering Committee of Altavia Group and assumed the role of General Director of Altavia Dekatlon, a new generation marketing agency formed by the merger Altavia Turkey and Dekatlon. He is currently active in business life as a senior consultant  affiliated with Paris office of the Altavia Group.

In addition to contributing to digital programs at various universities in the academic community, he is currently working as a lecturer at Medipol University , teaching undergraduate students to transfer his knowledge and experience to new generations.

Within the framework of international organizations organized by Adecco Group, he was included as a “Talent Champion” from Turkey in the list of “Top CEE Entrepreneurs” published in 2019. In the TEDx  event of Bahçeşehir University, to which he was invited, he gave a speech with the theme “Protect Your Channel”. As a speaker from Turkey, he joined Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan, European Confederation of Junior Enterprises in Coimbra and Slush in Finland. He won awards from the most prestigious organizations of the world of marketing and communication, including European Excellence Awards, Adobe Travel Marketing Awards, Digital Age Awards. He is a volunteer member of advertising evaluation board of the Economist Magazine and the Mentor staff of Türk Telekom Pilot program. He was a member of the jury for two terms in New York-based Cresta International Advertising Awards.

While he is actively taking responsibility in Türkiye Bilişim Vakfı(Turkish Informatics Foundation), he is one of the co-founders of Turkish Branch of the Institute of Industrial Engineering. He is one of the dream partners and active executives of Başlangıç Noktası (Starting Point) platform, inspired by Mr.Faruk Eczacıbaşı’s book “Daha Yeni Başlıyor (It has Just Started)”.

In accordance with his special interest in the Blockchain technology, he was awarded an MBA degree from Bahçeşehir University for his thesis, which is the first thesis in Turkey on Blockchain and social media technologies. His article on retailing and blockchain in English was published in Altavia Watch and his article in Turkish entitled “Sosyal Medya’nın Blockchain ile Dönüşümü” (Transformation of Social Media with Blockchain)  was published in Mühendislik ve Teknoloji Yönetimi Zirvesi(Engineering and Technology Management Summit).

He is a graduate of İstanbul Erkek Lisesi (Istanbul Boys’ High School). He graduated from Bilkent University Department of Industrial Engineeringwith a scholarship and a high degree, which earned him the status of an honor student.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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