Ruşen Çakır

Ruşen Çakır



  • Turkey’s Political Fault Lines
  • The Kurdish Problem and Turkish Nationalism
  • Political Islam or The Politicization of Islam
  • Ethics in Journalism & Reporting

What he offers

With his finger firmly on the pulse of Turkey, few journalists are better qualified than Ruşen Çakır to offer expert analysis of Kurdish Problem and Turkish Nationalism, Political Islam and Turkish Politics.

How he presents

One of the Turkey’s leading commentators on politcs, his provocative yet articulate and charming style makes him ideal for keynote speeches and he is excellent when participating in panel debates or moderating conferences.

Ruşen Çakır was born in Hopa (in the province of Artvin) on January 25, 1962. He graduated from Galatasaray High School. He started journalism in Nokta magazine in 1985. Since then he has worked in Tempo, Cumhuriyet, Milliyet, CNN Türk, NTV and Vatan in this order. He directed the Democracy, Civil Society and the Islamic World Program at TESEV. He started writing for Habertürk on October 20, 2014.

Çakır has participated in numerous conferences both in Turkey and abroad. He taught “Contemporary Islamic Political Thought and Turkey” at Marmara University, Department of Public Administration (taught in French), and “Islam, Democracy and Civil Society” at SUNY Buffalo.

Ruşen Çakır is a member of Galatasaray Alumni Association and Galatasaray Club, and he is in the Advisory Board of Open Society Foundation.


  • The Erdoğan vs. Gülen War in 100 Questions (with Semih Sakallı), 2014
  • Neighborhood Pressure: Does It Exist or Not? (with İrfan Bozan), 2009
  • “Neighborhood Pressure” Islam, Republic, Laicism, and Democracy in Turkey based on Prof. Şerif Mardin’s Theses, 2008
  • Is a Civilian, Transparent and Democratic Directorate of Religious Affairs Possible? (with İrfan Bozan), 2005
  • Imam-Hatip Schools: Myths and Facts (with İrfan Bozan and Balkan Talu), 2004
  • Turkey’s Kurdish Question, 2004
  • Where are the Turkish Nationalists, 2003
  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: A Story of Transformation, (with Fehmi Çalmuk), 2001
  • The Deep Hezbollah: The Future of the Islamist Violence, 2001
  • Resistance and Obedience: Islamist Woman Between Two Powers, 2000
  • Khatami’s Iran (with Sami Oğuz), 2000
  • Neither Sharia nor Democracy: Understanding RP, 1994
  • The Left is Looking at Kemalism (with Levent Cinemre), 1992
  •  Official History, Civilian Quest: Ideology and Politics in Social Democrats (with Hıdır Göktaş), 1991
  • Homeland, Nation and Pragmatism: Ideology and Politics in the Turkish Right (with Hıdır Göktaş), 1991
  • The Verse and the Slogan: Islamic Formations in Turkey, 1990

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English, French

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