Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson



  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Rethinking the Future
  • Business Model Reinvention
  • Driving Growth and Renewal
  • Building a Deep Capability for Innovation
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Reinventing Success for a New Competitive Era

What he offers

Rowan’s big-picture insights, compelling observations, fresh business thinking and upbeat presentation style have impressed a wide range of audiences all over the world. In his presentations, he shows audiences how to seize new growth opportunities, create new markets and even transform entire industries by recalibrating their management systems around the paradigm of innovation.

How he presents

Rowan’s keynote speeches, executive sessions, and innovation masterclasses are always tailor-made to fit each audience, industry sector and event format. Rowan endeavours, wherever possible, to use business cases and examples that are relevant to the specific audience. He designs very graphic Powerpoint slides – each typically features just one powerful image and a single statement – which makes his presentations extremely dynamic, and he is constantly updating his slides with cutting-edge material and up-to-the-minute business news.

Rowan Gibson is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost thought leaders on business innovation. The media have labeled him “Mr. Innovation”, “the Innovation Grandmaster”, “the W. Edwards Deming of innovation”, and “a guru among the gurus”. He is the internationally bestselling author of major books on business strategy and innovation. In 2015 Rowan received the prestigious “Global Leader of Innovation” Award for his significant contribution to the field of innovation strategy. Rowan Gibson is co-founder of the world’s most popular innovation website.

Gibson’s international clients have included some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. Rowan Gibson is one of the world’s most in-demand public speakers. He has delivered his keynote speeches, innovation masterclasses, and public seminars in many countries around the world. He has addressed a long list of major organizations, including Accenture, Bayer, British Telecom, Coca-Cola, Credit Suisse, Dow Chemicals, Generali Group, Haier, Heinz, Henkel, IBM, Mars, Microsoft, Philips, P&G, Roche, Siemens, Steelcase, Telefonica and Volkswagen. Rowan is also a prolific writer. In addition to his bestselling books, he has authored dozens of business articles, columns and blogs which have been read all around the globe. He has been interviewed frequently on television and radio, as well as online and in the international press.


  • The 4 Lenses of Innovation (2015)
  • Innovation to the Core (2008)
  • Rethinking The Future (1996)


  • 2015, Global Leader of Innovation Award





“Amazing presentation…pushing us forward.”

“Excellent insight. Great to get us outside our normal paradigms.”

“A terrific session.”

“Professional and lively.”

“The best speaker of the whole event.”

“Awesome! A good mix of humor and serious business insight.”

“Fantastic presentation.”

“It transformed our organization by shaking our culture.”

“Thought provoking and a pleasure to hear.”

“Dynamic and engaging.”

“Rowan got the top score in our evaluations.”

“Opened the eyes of our executives. We now have the tools at our disposal to make innovation happen forever.”

“Powerful and very engaging – also visually.”

“Rowan is alive, he knows how to inspire. He had also done his homework and made content very relevant to our industry.”

“Overall feedback was awesome.”

“Thank you for your terrific speech.”

“Rowan, I would like to say thank you for the excellent keynote presentation you gave at our meeting. Your professional and lively presentation inspired the audience to challenge their mindset and to work open-mindedly in the workshops that followed. We got a lot of positive feedback! Thank you again, and hopefully we find another opportunity to work together!”

Presentation Languages: English, German, Dutch

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