Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar



  • Winning in a Downturn – How to Survive and Thrive in Times of Crisis
  • The Drivers of Change
  • Economic Futures
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Innovation
  • Developing Economies
  • Managing Complexity

What he offers

Rohit draws upon his experience and highlights how critical changes and the development of new technologies really are to global businesses. Rohit is recognised worldwide as an innovative thinker.

How he presents

Rohit’s presentations are a fascinating insight into the shape of the future. He has an ability to create an engaging debate, capturing his audience with incisive thought provoking ideas.

Rohit is a global futurist, strategist and award winning speaker noted for his humour, inspirational style and provocative content. He advises global firms, industries and governments on how to survive, thrive, spot and manage emerging risks and develop innovative growth strategies in the decade ahead. Profiled by the Independent Newspaper as a top ten global future thinker, his interests include the evolving role of technology in business and society, emerging markets, the future of education, sustainability and embedding foresight in organisations. Rohit helps clients understand how mega trends, emerging ideas, new business models, and disruptive developments in science and technology could impact individuals, society, business, industries and government. He currently leads studies on transformative drivers of change for the next decade, science and technology developments over the next forty years, impacts of emerging technologies on the legal sector, human enhancement and the Shadow Economy.

Rohit delivers keynote speeches for leaders at business, government and association events – working in 60+ countries on six continents around the world. Rohit leads Fast Future Research – conducting studies on topics such as Airport 2025, the Science and Technology Timeline, Environmental Impacts and Sustainability. Future of HR, Hotels 2020, Mega Trends, The Shape of Jobs to Come, Future of Cities, Travel and Tourism and Convention 2020. He has led scenario projects on 2015 / 2020, Asia, Migration, the Family, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Health Innovation, the Narcotics Landscape and Demographic Trends. He has also worked with 50+ associations, the OECD and government agencies in the US, UK, Finland, Dubai, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.


  • Aftershocks And Opportunities: Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future (2020)
  • A Very Human Future (with David Wood) (2018)
  • The Future of Business (2015)
  • Designing Your Future (co-author) (2008)
  • Achieving Transformation and Renewal in Financial Services (editor) (1999)


  • “One of the top ten global future thinkers” – Independent Newspaper
  • In October 2005 he won the prestigious ‘Stickiest Guru’ Award


“Rohit Talwar was a highlight at the 1st European Futurists Conference Lucerne, as a speaker and as a facilitator. In fact, for the state secretary for research and education of Switzerland – a sponsor of our conference – Rohit was simply the best.”

“Rohit Talwar is a unique communicator. His capacity for combining fact with narrative, balancing right and left brain and mixing education with entertainment make his presentations compelling. In the cluttered world of professional facilitators, guest speakers, moderators and consultants, Rohit is both a refreshing change and a valuable investment.”

“When Rohit genuinely speaks from the heart, about Vision 2020, and where he sees the world moving, it leaves the entire auditorium spell bound, and engrossed in his highly researched, and very creative and innovative visual presentation. Moreover, his interaction with the audience during his Q&A sessions is crisp and impactful. And salute, once again, to his thought provoking, visionary foresightedness.“

“The Dubai audience is a tough crowd to please – and keep entertained – Rohit did both with a level of energy, insight, enthusiasm and professionalism that has left them wanting a lot more. When organizing an event, Rohit exemplifies exactly what you want from a visionary keynote speaker and chairman – responsive and involved during the planning stages and sensitive and committed to the audience’s needs throughout the event. As a speaker he delivers a well researched, highly engaging and consistently practical vision of how to make the future work for you. As a conference Chairman he is professional, thoroughly prepared and well organized. Top marks for Rohit from everyone involved, I would have no hesitation in recommending him at anytime.”

“Rohit’s presentation was very much tailored to the audience and provided an eye opening vision of what the future may hold and its impacts to all businesses. His delivery was excellent, providing an engaging, challenging and humour filled talk. As a keynote speaker, Rohit definitely delivered.”

“Rohit is recognised as a global leader in his field, but is also an engaging and inclusive speaker/facilitator, always making sure that non-expert groups feel relaxed and able to participate. I would recommend him highly for future events of this nature.”

“I saw your talk and enjoyed it very much. The perspectives on the Indian and Gulf State growth was particularly interesting.”

“The presentation was excellent – it blows your mind to think what’s happening outside of our own little bubbles!”

“Just to say a quick “thank you” for last Thursday. From the feedback it seems that everyone thoroughly enjoyed your talk and it definitely gave us much food for thought.”

“Excellent presentation last night. Massively thought provoking.”

“I would like to thank you for the very interesting and thought provoking talk you gave to us and will certainly take any opportunity to hear you speak again.”

“Rohit’s talk was fantastic! I must admit I was a little unsure what to expect but found the content to be extremely interesting and very thought provoking.”

Presentation Languages: English

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