Robert Tomasko

Robert Tomasko



  • The Management Tactics That Drove
    Obama’s Victory
  • Go For Growth: Five Paths to Profit and Success
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Five Ways to Grow
  • Downsizing: Reshaping the Corporation
    for the Future
  • Rethinking the Corporation
  • Change Management: Rethinking the Corporation

What he offers

Robert helps companies structure themselves in ways that make the best use of the talents of the people who work within them. He also helps match this structure with the requirements of the strategy the organization is pursuing. He outlines a vision for companies that are best fitted to emerge successfully from coping with sustained radical change.

How he presents

Stimulating and informative he is in demand to present to companies his views on mergers and acquisitions, optimizing value and avoiding mistakes before, during and after ‘the deal’.

Robert Tomasko is a best selling author, expert on management for growth and frequent speaker at management conferences throughout the world. He lectures about the challenges of continued growth, rather than a seemingly endless series of cycles of cost cutting and restructuring. He shows alternative strategies for business growth and outlines how individuals and organisations can benefit from this approach. Robert Tomasko is the Director of the Social Enterprise Program at American University’s School of International Service and he also holds a faculty appointment as a Professorial Lecturer.

He holds a masters degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education where he studied organizational behaviour, and a bachelor of science from Case Institute of Technology. Robert’s experience as a management lecturer has included 15 years with Arthur D. Little, Inc. and a partnership at another major international consulting firm. He has advised clients throughout the world on issues of organization and strategy, including Coca-Cola, Exxon, Ford, Marriott, Mitsubishi, Telstra, Toyota, chemical manufacturers in France and Japan, oil companies in Peru and Thailand, and four of the “Baby Bell” regional telephone companies. A frequent contributor to business and general news magazines his articles have appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.


  • Bigger Isn’t Always Better: The New Mindset for Real Business Growth (2006)
  • Go for Growth! Five Paths to Profit and Success (1996)
  • Rethinking the Corporation: The Architecture of Change (1993)
  • Downsizing: Reshaping the Corporation for the FutureTitle (1986)


“Organizational structural dynamics is one of the high arts of management and Bob Tomasko is today’s high priest of the art.”

Presentation Languages: English

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