Ray Hammond

Ray Hammond



  • The Eight Key Drivers for the Future: Augmented, Enhanced and Accelerating Human Innovation, World Population Growth, Climate Change, The Energy Crisis, The World’s Poorest Billion, Globalization, Accelerating Exponential Technology Development and the Prevent-Extend Model of New Medicine
  • The Future of Energy and the Social, Economic and Political Impact of Global Warming
  • The Awakening of The Global Brain: Are Google and the networked engines showing the first sign of artificial intelligence?
  • Creativity and Innovation for Driving Sustainable Profitability and Growth
  • The Future of The Media

What he offers

Ray projects an inspirational and breath-taking vision of the future to help your audiences navigate the hyper-competitive virtual economy. This vision is interpreted from a business, climate, social, political, and economic perspective providing a rounded view of how best to prepare your organisation for what the future holds.

How he presents

Ray is a stunningly gifted free-form speaker who requires no effects to enthral an audience! He projects real warmth and dynamism and, using plain language he cuts through complex technical issues, new innovations and business concepts. A natural inspirational orator, Ray steps into his many audiences around the world to motivate and personally inspire them.

Ray Hammond is Europe’s most experienced and most widely published futurologist. For over 30 years he has researched, written and spoken about how future trends will affect society and business. As faster technological innovation, globalization and the environmental challenge continue to be priorities Ray is one of a few commentators equipped to explain how these massive challenges will affect our futures, the way we do business and the far reaching implications socially, economically and politically.

Ray started his career as a successful serial entrepreneur. In 1974 he co-founded the company that today owns and operates the British television outlet Channel 5 and publications including The Daily Express, The Daily Star and OK! After selling his shareholding advantageously in that company he founded and led International Magazines plc which he later sold to EMAP International in a multi-million pound deal. In 2010 he was honoured with a UN gold medal for services to futurology by Mikhail Gorbachev.


  • Smart Bodies: How Technology Will Transform Your Health (Forthcoming)
  • Scary Wonderful: The Next 50 Years (2014)
  • The World in 2030 (2011 edition)
  • The Black Hole, fiction (2009)
  • The Cloud, fiction (2006)
  • Extinction, fiction (2005)
  • Emergence, fiction (2002)
  • Robots for Kids, Contributing editor (2000)
  • Digital Business – Surviving and Thriving in an On-Line World (1996)
  • The Modern Frankenstein – Fiction Becomes Fact (1986)
  • The On-Line Handbook. The world’s first book to identify the potential of the internet (1984)


“Ray received an excellent response from the audience at The International Management Conference 2005. His speech on ‘Technological, Society’s and the Human Aspects of Trends’ engaged and managed to “catch” the audience, who found it very relevant and interesting.”

“Ray proved to be a very polished performer with a good pace and good manner. He had a relaxed, clear and amusing style of delivery during his speech on ‘Keeping Your I.T Technology Safe.’ The audience feedback was excellent.”

“Ray’s entertaining style showed perfect slant and added value during his presentation on ‘Trendspotting.’ He always demonstrates on real sample the point he wishes to make. The audience response was great and he received a standing ovation.”

“Ray’s opening session broadened our audience’s mind and got them thinking about the eWorld. I know that people were still debating Ray’s points at the airport two days later – a clear sign that his comments really made an impact.”

“I was particularly inspired by the way Ray Hammond turned what many portray as a rather futuristic subject into the pragmatic here and now.”

“Ray Hammond’s fascinating presentation on business in the 21st century proved to be a very popular and interesting topic, something people continued to talk about after his seminar was finished.”

“A great complement to our iForum program, Ray Hammond is dynamic, insightful and very captivating. He provided a perfect context to deliver the message of the virtual workplace. He had the audience on the edge of their seats.”

“Ray was a lively, entertaining speaker who presented a challenging cerebral topic at the end of a hard day, but never the less managed to wake the audience up and get them thinking.”

“Excellent!! Ray got our event off to a cracking start. He interacted well with the audience and delivered a spot on mind strategic presentation. He had the audience all absorbed.”

“Ray Hammond’s presentation was an ideal mix of new and old. It communicated important new information to the 300 delegates and his outstanding presentation skills and sound expert knowledge enabled him to provide a valuable and successful contribution.”

“Ray Hammond’s session was truly inspirational and thought provoking.”

“On behalf of 650 spellbound delegates, thank you Ray. Your keynote address was just brilliant and we have had rich feedback. Your address was incisive, relevant, encouraging, frightening, profound and funny.”

“We promised delegates at our conference something special, and Ray Hammond delivered.”

“Ray impressed and entertained our worldwide team. Everybody had great fun and a good time listening to him.”

“Ray delivered the best keynote presentation I’ve ever heard.”

“Everyone in the room was very impressed by Ray’s unscripted but riveting speech.”

“Participants loved the way Ray presented. This was a convincing alternative way of thinking about the future.”

“One of the most engaging keynotes I’ve ever seen… Brilliant keynote, thanks… A brain-buzz of a talk… Superb talk… A presentation without bulletpointy slides can be a thing of interesting lovliness.”

“I listened with great interest to Ray Hammond earlier and I made a note of the seven key drivers of the future he has identified.”

“Ray was overwhelming: he delighted our audience.”

“Mr Hammond’s excellent speech opened our eyes to many important aspects of our daily life which we do not normally take into account. The participants at the congress will not forget his impressive conclusions. We are very proud he made it to Berne.”

Presentation Languages: English

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