Rachel Botsman

Rachel Botsman



  • Collaborative Economy
  • Why We’re Bad At Predicting Tech Developments
  • How Online Market Places Will Replace the Big Service Firms

What she offers

Combining research and historical knowledge with strategic intuition and foresight, Rachel discerns threads and patterns that provide context for how and why the world is changing and the broader implications of this new economy.

How she presents

Rachel is a dynamic, humorous and thought-provoking speaker who is popular at events all over the world.

Rachel Botsman is an author and the global authority on the power of collaboration and sharing to change the way we live, work, bank and consume. In 2015, she designed the world’s first M.B.A. course on the collaborative economy, which she teaches at Oxford University’s Saïd School of Business. Rachel is a contributing editor for Wired and writes a monthly column for the Australian Financial Review, exploring the mindset of entrepreneurs who see the world differently.

She is known for originating the theory of ‘collaborative consumption’ with her acclaimed book, What’s Mine is Yours. The concept was subsequently named by TIME as one of the ‘10 Ideas that Will Change the World’ in 2011 and the book was shortlisted for the 800-CEO-Read Business Book of the Year in 2010. Her TED talks on the topic have been viewed more than two million times. Rachel is a regular writer and commentator in leading international publications including The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, The Economist, The New York Times, and The Guardian. She received her B.F.A (Hons) from the University of Oxford and attended Harvard University for her post-graduate studies. In her work with universities, entrepreneurs, corporations, and governments Rachel examines the growth and challenges of start-ups such as Airbnb, TaskRabbit and Uber, with a focus on technology’s impact on trust and relationships.


  • What’s Mine is Yours (2010)


  • Winner of Breakthrough Idea Award of Distinguished Awards for 2015 of Thinkers50
  • In 2013, World Economic Forum named her a ‘Young Global Leader’
  • Fast Company named her as one of the ‘Most Creative People in Business’
  • Named by Monocle as one of the world’s top 20 speakers to keynote your conference


“Not one single day has gone by since the event without external & internal commendations on her engagement with our audience. Her message really connected and impacted the entire audience. It was also evident via our social engagement metrics.”

“From the moment we spoke about what I was trying to achieve with the conference to the feedback received it was evident that Rachel is a genuine world class speaker who knows how to stir thinking and encourage an audience to open their minds. Her polished but warm style coupled with her relevant and clever stories leave an audience with a genuine sense of wonder and awe but most importantly it leaves them curious and hungry for more!”

“Her talk at our event both provoked and inspired, setting off an active conversation that continues to this day and world-wide within the company.”

“Rachel Botsman was the standout favourite for all our delegates.”

“We had a wonderful event with Rachel. She was pretty amazing — an accomplished, intelligent and humble speaker who was a delight to work with. Her subject matter was highly relevant and members loved it — rating it 9.7.”

“Rachel Botsman was excellent. For our audience, she was right on key with her presentation. Her content was exactly what we needed for our program. Her presentation style and delivery was dynamic, engaging, humorous and thought-provoking. One of the best keynotes we’ve had!”

“Rachel’s presentation was on topic, interesting and engaging. Our audience was thrilled with her presentation. The anecdotal feedback has been fantastic for both Rachel and her content.”

“Rachel Botsman was a brilliant speaker at the 2010 Annual Meeting. She captured imaginations when speaking about how collaborative technologies are reshaping our relationships and reinventing the world around us in life-changing ways.”

“The feedback on Rachel’s presentation was outstanding! It was a high-energy, thought provoking session, and a wonderful way to close the conference. I am sure participants left with new perspective on their businesses. I look forward to working with you again.”

“Rachel’s presentation was exceptional. It has generated much discussion and thinking, and was a great way to close out our forum.”

“The ratings from our audience for Rachel were the amongst the very highest we have ever received. Rachel’s presentation was both motivating and energizing, seasoned with critically important cases studies from companies that are transforming industries and lives.”

“Rachel is one of a very rare breed of presenters with the ability to simultaneously awe a room into silence, super charge them possibility and call forth a powerful drive towards innovative thinking. She has grace and strength in her delivery and intelligence and candour in her content and the gift to inspire all generations in her positioning. But more than all that, her presentations resonate with you and your organisation long after the chairs have been stacked away. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough.”

“The audience responses we have received about Rachel’s presentation were overwhelming. I don’t think anyone knew what to expect from her but everyone walked away completely blown away by what she had to say. We have had such interest in her from within our company as well as from audience members in general. Thank you, thank you, thank you for recommending her!”

“Rachel Botsman led her audience of tourism industry experts and local government councils on a discovery voyage as her presentation on Collaborative Consumption opened up a world they “kinda knew but not really”, and accentuated the change occurring all around us; she didn’t lose them for a moment, and left them better educated and aware of new opportunities and worldwide trends.”

“Rachel possesses the skill and wisdom to excite and broaden the minds of any audience.”

“I would recommend Rachel to anyone! She listened to her briefing and her material was excellent for our audience. Her delivery was also highly engaging with the right mix of substance, humor and passion.”

“Rachel Botsman was captivating, relevant to our theme and an outstanding presenter. We were grateful to have had Rachel kick start our 3-Day Conference.”

“We had approximately 400 people attend the conference over the three days and everyone we spoke to said they had taken away an abundance of ideas which they were excited to implement into their respective organisations. Very inspirational and thought-provoking presentation.”

“She brought our audience a fresh, new and provocative perspective on the sharing economy – with timely updates on how this was shaping global macro economic trends and consumer behaviour. Our delegates were a buzz after her presentation. Without hesitation we would welcome Rachel back to G-Force!”

Presentation Languages: English

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