Pınar Toker

Pınar Toker



  • Subconscious Effects Obstructing the Success
  • Stage Fear Handling Techniques
  • Liberation Through Movies of “Journey of the Hero” But Without Having to Identify Itself With It
  • Innovative Mind in Mental Sinking
  • Relation Management Through Solving Subconscious Clashes
  • Spontaneity, Willpower and Acting Talent

What she offers

Academic researchers with World Health Organisation (WHO) demonstrates that invisible hero of efficiency at business environment is mental health. On the other hand, it is quite well known that local and international corporations that reject hiding behind sterilised repetitions of life, chase after opinions triggering innovative thoughts. The presentations that Pınar Toker emphasize mental healing should be rather considered as a kind of corrective tool against depression which prevents efficiency and innovative thoughts in business environment.

How she presents

Pınar Toker offers an entertaining way of looking at analytic psychology and shares basic mental health information that will contribute to personal developments of participants in an easy and clear manner.

Having graduated from Hacettepe University, Psychological Counselling and Guidance in 1999, Pınar Toker moved to UCLA and concentrated in art therapy field in 2004. She joined in art therapy workshops in Toronto University, Canada. She finished certificate program of “Expressionist Art Therapies” in Roemhampton University in 2005. She also finished post graduate thesis of “Analysing Acting” in Bahçeşehir University, advanced acting program in 2009. In this way, she’s managed to work with many production companies in several projects as first and only counsellor, having qualified in art therapy and acting field. She’s lectured psychoanalyse and analytic psychology in acting studios. She’s organised trainings toward business environment that converts mental development into physical skills in Kadir Has University “Here I am at Work Stage” sessions.

She’s published academic notices regarding art therapy field in several national and international congresses. She is currently presenting art therapy to various participants with every walks of life and age. She is certified tester of Rorschach Psychoanalytic Ink Test and author of self-development book of “Destroy the Knight in Shiny Armour”.


  • Beyaz Atlı Prensi Öldür (Destroy the Knight in Shiny Armour) (2015)

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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