Pınar Eczacıbaşı


  • Political and Economic Landscape of Turkey and its Position in The New World Order
  • The New Way of Working Brought by The Pandemic and Expectations
  • US-Turkey Relations Under The Biden Administration
  • EU-Turkey Relations and the Future
  • Entrepreneurship; Social Entrepreneurship, Internal Entrepreneurship and The Financing of Entrepreneurship – Venture Capital & PE

What she offers

She  Examines Turkey’s political and economic position in the world from a visionary perspective, emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship, innovation and creative thinking in business life in the age of technology, offers an insight into corporate social responsibility projects and a  vision of leadership, productivity and sustainability for the employees of the company.

How she presents

TEDx style of delivery, supported with graphics and charts.

Since 1998, Ms.S. Pınar Eczacıbaşı has been working as an independent financial consultant in advising individuals and corporations on wealth and asset management issues. She has established her own boutique financial and marketing advisory services company GP Trust Financial Management and Consultancy Ltd. in 2004. The company delivers investment advisory services in cross the border investment opportunities. The co. has a wide sectorial coverage and supplements its works through in depth market analysis. The company has assumed representation of Schroder & Co Banque SA, Switzerland since 2004.

S.Pınar Eczacıbaşı started her professional career at the family-owned business,  Eczacıbaşı Group of Companies, as a junior marketing officer in the sales and marketing department of Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceutical Company and to compliment her career she continued in finance sector as an executive trainee and credit analyst with the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company in Istanbul. She later joined Tekstil Bank to establish the Correspondent Banking Department, and worked as Manager from 1988 to 1992 and appointed as Vice President responsible of FI- Financial Institutions Department at the ING Bank N.V. in Istanbul from 1992 until 1998.

S.Pınar Eczacıbaşı supplements her business activities with high profile public engagements including in business and culture related associations. She has been the Chairperson of the Board of the Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (GYİAD). She has been appointed as a member of the Board and the Executive Committee at DEİK- the Foreign Economic Board of Turkey- as well as the Chairwoman of Turkey-Luxembourg Business Council.  She has been the Strategic Network Chairperson for IVCI (İstanbul Venture Capital Initiative) since April 2012 which is advised by EIF (European Investment Fund).She is currently the Independent Credit Committee Member at TGIF- Turkey Growth and Innovation Fund. Additionally, she is the Advisory Board Member of ‘Finans Club’ (Türkiye Finans Yöneticileri Vakfı) and the founding member of “The Istanbul Heritage Fund” which aims to preserve important historical monuments in Turkey.

S.Pınar Eczacıbaşı graduated from the University of New Hampshire, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences with a BA degree in Chemistry and Economics. She completed her Master of Business Administration degree in Finance with honours at the Bosphorus University in Istanbul. Her master’s thesis is entitled “In-depth Analysis of the Behaviour of Family-Owned Enterprises in the Development of Turkish Capital Markets through Public Offerings”.

Ms. Eczacıbaşı has extensive knowledge and experience in international business affairs and communications and she is a keen philanthropist. She travels and lectures extensively particularly on a range of business and finance related issues.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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