Peter Killing

Peter Killing



  • Business Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Leadership – Mastering New Challenges
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

What he offers

Professor Killing’s speeches are full of his deep understanding of business strategy, leadership, innovation, change management, mergers and acguisitions.

How he presents

An experienced and excellent communicator, Professor Killing is highly sought-after speaker by organisations eager to benefit from his considerable expertise and in-depth research which is reflected in his speeches.

Peter Killing is Emeritus Professor of Strategy at IMD. Peter’s teaching, research, and consulting activities focus on leaders, at many levels in the organization, who are working with their teams to create the right strategy for their business and build the team needed to deliver that strategy. There are two main questions he addresses: What should we do, and how should we get it done, i.e. do we have the right team, and are we managing it well?

In addition to working with top teams, Peter has run programs for high-potential and senior employees, in a variety of companies, including large and small, domestic and global, family owned and publically listed companies. Prominent programs that he has taught on include a high-potential program for BMW (a three-day program run six times over five years), a three-module senior management program for Vestas, the world-leading Danish wind power company, change programs for many divisions of Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, and a five-day change program for Sika, a global technology company focused on chemicals for the construction industry.

Many of the concepts that are reflected in Peter’s teaching are captured in Must-Win Battles (which has been translated into Korean, Chinese, and Danish) and Strategic Analysis and Action, a textbook currently in its eighth edition. The change leadership model in Strategic Analysis and Action has influenced the activities of many individual managers and companies, including, to name a few of the larger ones, Exxon Mobil, Nestlé, and Scottish and Newcastle. Peter has also written a book and articles on the design and management of joint ventures, and for Grupo Modelo in Mexico City, he designed and ran three programs focused on the design and management of alliances.

Peter’s teaching style is very engaging, interactive and participant-focused. For each of the 15 years he was based in Switzerland, he was ranked one of the top teachers at IMD. Peter Killing is the author of numerous articles, case studies and projects in the above mentioned fields.


  • Strategies for Joint Venture Success
  • Must–Win Battles (with Professor Tom Malnight and Tracey Keys)
  • Strategic Analysis and Action (with Crossan, Mary M. and Fry, Joseph N.)
  • International Management (with Beamish, Paul W.)

Presentation Languages: English

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