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What she offers

Ozlem Isiten Sawyers is a well known media professional with over sixteen years of experience, working and presenting in mainstream news channels in Turkey. Her focal points include, broadcast tv production, tv presenting, arts and culture journalism, news anchoring and journalism, voiceovers and field production. She has voiced and presented many productions and events in different countries throughout her career. Most recently she worked as an anchor for international news channel, TRT World where she and her team delivered compelling arts and culture news, both in studio and on location, covering film festivals and many other events. She has for years been a sought out name for live tv events, award ceremonies and contests – especially ones where being bi-lingual is required. She has a down to earth, calm yet up beat personality who is passionate about her work in the media and communication industry.

How she presents

Ozlem Isiten Sawyers has a knowledgeable, experienced demeanor with a reassuring, melodic tone of voice. She has a calm yet up beat personality that brings life and zest to any type of work she takes on.

Ozlem Isiten Sawyers was born in Istanbul in 1981. She went onto spending her entire childhood travelling, leading to her deep understanding of the world and its different cultures. When she was 8, her family relocated to The Netherlands as expats due to her fathers’ position at Unilever. This was to be followed by Poland years later. She attended the British Junior School followed by The British Senior School while in The Netherlands. She then attained a university degree in Business Administration (BAHons) at the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K.

Her career in television started at the prominent news channel Haber Turk where she was interning while visiting her parents for the summer. Within a few months she was given the responsibility of producing and presenting her own music news programme. The show was a hit and she went onto work on many of the countries prominent news channels for the years to follow. She also has done many projects on TRT and finally TRT World.

She has produced shows internationally and has also done field production and production for world wide hit shows such as “Ninja Warrior” and “Peking Express”.

Throughout her career, her voice and tone have been and incredible asset and she has voiced countless shows, advertorials, documentaries in both Turkish and English. Keeping in theme with her travelling past, she has recently relocated from Istanbul to Los Angeles and then to Chicago in the US, where she currently resides with her family.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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