Ozan Bingöl

Ozan Bingöl



  • Test of People with Tax!
  • Tax Grows on This Land
  • What is Tax Advantage and How Can You Benefit from It?
  • Do We Know What is Coming out of the Citizen’s Pocket?
  • Methods for Avoiding Tax Risks for Businesses and Senior Management
  • Social Responsibility Projects for Tax Justice and Tax Ethics

What he offers

With an experience in the field of tax as an academician and a practitioner, Tax Specialist Dr. Ozan Bingöl focuses on the effects of tax on company policy processes, particularly on decision, management and growth. Within this scope, he provides guidance to the audience on topics like minimizing the tax load of businesses, leveraging full potential of tax incentives and advantages, tax risks facing the business and senior management, and ways to avoid these risks. He also advises businesses on how to improve the financial means and satisfaction of their employees through using tax advantages without bearing additional costs. Ozan Bingöl also emphasizes tax awareness in the society and occasionally talks about the humorous aspects of the topic of tax.

How he presents

With his experience as academician and practitioner, Dr. Ozan Bingöl is an effective speaker who pays attention to the audience’s requests and expectations, presents technical topics in a clear and understandable manner and blends theory and practice to communicate them to the audience.

Dr. Ozan Bingöl graduated from Gazi University in 2002. Afterwards, he completed his master’s degree with his thesis entitled “The Effect of Tax Awareness and Tax Ethics in Tax Paying Trends”. He earned his doctor’s degree in the same field with his thesis entitled “The Effects of Employment Commitment on Workforce and Tax Revenue”. He studied abroad, particularly during working on his doctor’s degree.

Soon after entering the public sector in 2005, he decided to continue his career in the private sector and assumed the role of “Head of Legislation, Training and Research” in an international audit company. At the moment, he is acting as a consultant for several companies and organizations and pursuing his own studies and projects on “tax justice”.

Bingöl is also currently teaching at Başkent University. At the same time, he is a commentator for Fox TV and a columnist for Cumhuriyet newspaper and OT magazine, as well as a consultant for the project “Take Care of What You Give”.


Presentation Languages: Turkish

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