Onur Özgödek

Onur Özgödek



  • On the Human Management Tools of the Future: How will Internal Relations, Organizational Structures, Data Management and Systems Change ?
  • How Can We be Ready for the Future and Human Management in Turkey ?
  • Corporate Culture: Talking and Listening with Values ​​and Competencies
  • Paradox: “Let’s Change, but Without Changing me Please…”
  • The Social Capital Journey of Companies: Diversity and Inclusion
  • Feedback and Coaching: Journeys from Answers to Questions
  • Project Management: How to Increase Efficiency in Mixed Teams ?

What he offers

Onur, likes to define engineered solutions for social concepts; believes in the importance of conflict to enhance unique ideas; data driven; troubled and kind of happy(!) with his result oriented and impatient view of life and merely trying to understand life after 45 years…He aims to turn abstract concepts to solid experiences by blending the years of consulting & HR Management practices with Corporate Human Resource Professionalists, Managers and Company Owners with areas of interest such as Sociology, History, Sports, Comics, and Cinema.

How he presents

Onur provides an interactive and participatory presentation, delivering a pre-work with the audience to whom he will present. He offers fun, questions – filled and customized content.

After graduation from METU Petroleum Engineering, he started his working career in Garanti Bank HR Department. For the long years he had been in Garanti he worked as an internal consultant& R&D Manager& Project Manager, in variety of different HR topics, such as Performance Management, Compensation&Recognition Management, as well as Sales Training Models, In House Coaching Programs, Talent Management.

He gave simulation trainings to more than 600 branch managers, based on HR applications of the company. He implemented, EVA incentive model, which is based on solid objective criterias, in 2003. In 2004 he managed a competitive gamified Sales Training Module, “Satışın Şifresi”, as a Project Manager. In 2007, he worked as the project manager of “Yıldız Project Integrated HR programs for HQ”, which was awarded in Peryön Awards, for best project in “HR applications which makes difference” category.

After Garanti, he worked as an SVP in Akbank and TEB, accordingly on, Organizational Development and Training &Change Management. He prepared an HR transformation plan in Akbank, and took active role in Change Management programs, in Collabaration with BNP Paribas, in TEB. After a longlasting finance sector career, he worked as an HR Director, in the second largest bus company of Turkey, Kamilkoç, which was owned by a Private Equity Actera Group, on structuring HR processes. Onur is working as a freelance consultant, working mainly with Ergene Consulting ve AON Consulting.

After more than 20 years of corporate life, Onur is sharing his experiences and helping companies on Performance, Career, Compensation, Competency, Development, Internal Customer Satisfaction, Engagement and HR strategies issues, as a senior HR consultant. He also delivered, tailor made company specific simulations, Assesment Center Programs. More than that, he enjoys, providing applicable and success oriented HR programs for companies.

He was graduated from Tarsus American College and Ankara Science Lycee. He’s fluent in English He’s married and father of two children.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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