Oğuzhan Akın


  • History of Financial Crimes (Money Laundering)
  • Financial Crime Prevention Methods (Risk Management)
  • International Economic Sanctions
  • Blockchain Cryptocurrencies

What he offers

Oguzhan Akin has written extensively on the criminal history of the financial world and a global map of financial crimes. He has also worked extensively on financial crime prevention and compliance practices. Oguzhan Akın is currently providing trainings on international platforms.

How he presents

In his speeches focused on international economic sanction decisions and their implementations he analyses the processes not only through the economic perspectives, but also takes social and cultural factors into consideration.

After studying economy in Turkey, Oguzhan Akin, who completed his masters degree in international management and business administration in The University of Salford, UK, received an invitation from Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. He is continuing his doctoral studies at the Kozminski University.

Among the topics that Akin specializes in are international economic sanctions and implementation processes. In his researches Akin examine the process not only economically but also socially and culturally.

In addition to participating in many projects in the UK, Nigeria, Malaysia, Singapore and Poland, Mr. Akin continues his professional career as a Financial Crimes Specialist and Crypto currency & Blockchain Trainer at PwC as well as a participant and investor identity in the crypto currency ecosystem. He also writes articles for Transparency International, the anti-corruption organization established in Germany.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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