Nuran Yıldız

Nuran Yıldız



  • An Individual in Modern Times: Me, Us and the Other
  • Managing the Brands that Survived in Modern Times
  • Leadership Communication, Building Charisma
  • Image and Communication Management
  • Corporate Communication and Making a Difference
  • Developing Communication Skills and Image Management
  • Wrongs are Known as Right in Communication

What she offers

In the last years Nuran Yıldız has addressed several major national and international companies, NGO’s and public institutions and has gained a reputation as both a brilliant story teller as well as an engaging and knowledgeable keynote speaker.

How she presents

The strong element of elegance and humor she brings to bear on her wide range of subjects, means that Nuran Yıldız is a versatile keynote speaker and equally in demand as a conference moderator.

Nuran Yıldız graduated from Ankara University School of Press. She got her master’s degree from Institute of Social Sciences, Public Relations Department with the thesis titled “Political Advertising As a Public Relations Method” and Ph.D. from Ankara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Political Science and Public Administration Department with the thesis entitled “Images of Leaders in Political Parties”. She is a lecturer at Ankara University Faculty of Communication. She is also director of Ankara Univesity Communication Research & Application Center. Nuran Yıldız provides consultancy services to companies and senior executives on Brand Management, Communication Management, Leadership and Management.

She was a columnist for Sabah Newspaper, Habertürk Newspaper and Habertü She was a producer for the discussion program called “3+1” on Cine 5 TV and commentator for the program called “Konuşacak Çok Şey Var” on TRT-Türk.


  • Aşk Yüzyılı Bitti (2013)
  • Tanklar ve Sözcükler (2007)
  • Liderler, İmajlar, Medya (2002)


“Mrs. Nuran’s presentation was appreciated a lot. She really focused on messages for the participants.” Oriflame

“Nuran Yıldız is very knowledgeable. Her researchs are very good, her writings make sense. Her political analysis reflects the reality of Turkey.” Can Ataklı, Vatan

“Nuran Yıldız is one of the shining stars of communication in recent years. She wrote an article which made all blogs locked. Because she went beyond the ordinary.” Hüseyin Keten, Tempo

“Nuran Yıldız is one of my favorite authors. I read all of her writings and also I can truly say that she is the unique author whose writings only appear on internet.” Fehmi Koru, Yeni Şafak

“I highly recommend that everybody should listen her.” Müjdat Gezen

“Excellent…” High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK)

“I read an interview of Nuran Yıldız and I love it. She is very natural, candid. Absolutely she is one of the extraordinary academicians.” Ayşe Arman

“Nuran Yıldız’s book called “Tanklar ve Sözcükler” is awesome. It’s extremely impressive. It deserves to be politicians’ reference book.” Posta

“I trust her wisdom very much. I started to read her book as soon as it was published.” Nuray Başaran, Referans

“I wrote my article with the inspiration of Nuran Yıldız’s very interesting book.” Özdemir İnce, Hürriyet

“Nuran Yıldız is a person who combines image engineering with politics for the first time in Turkey. She is one of the leading political image specialists of Turkey.” Aktüel

Presentation Languages: Turkish

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