Nigel Barlow

Nigel Barlow



  • Changing Mindsets – Your Own And Other’s!
  • Digicare – Customer Focus In A Time Of Digital Transformation
  • Creating Possibilities – What It Takes
  • The Creative Leader
  • Creative Storytelling for Business
  • Practical Innovation
  • Rock Your Business – How To Shake Everything Up
  • Becoming A Talent Factory

What he offers

Nigel offers a highly memorable and compelling session, which people can apply immediately. Nigel is passionate about tailoring his sessions to specific business challenges and insists on connecting his input to audiences’ everyday experience.

How he presents

His fabulously entertaining presentations are highly interactive and always inspiring. Nigel is an excellent communicator who ensures that the achievement of business goals is seamlessly woven into the acquisition of fresh attitudes and skills.

Nigel Barlow is one of the world’s dynamic business speakers. His focus is on practical innovation applied to culture change, leadership, strategy, customers, and the future. He has worked in over 30 countries in most sectors of industry, and for some of the world’s greatest companies. He was a founding director of the Tom Peters Consulting business in Europe, and runs his own international consultancy.

Until recently, he was an Associate Fellow at Oxford University’s Said Business School, focusing on innovative change. Keynote presentations, strategic off-sites, and organizational transformation projects are the core of his work. Nigel is an author, an agent provocateur, and creative coach, favouring the after-lunch spot as a suitable challenge to wake people up.


  • Rock Your Presentation: A New Guide to Speaking with Passion (2016)
  • Re-think – How To Think Differently (2006)
  • Batteries Included! – Creating Legendary Customer Service (2000)


“Nigel has provided great inspiration to my team and has delivered a new mindset to the organization in order to help us drive our strategic initiatives. He has provided clear industry best practices and is always available for further deep dives to support our growth. Nigel is above all a great guy that you can relate to, so you can trust he is there to support you and your team and not to cash and fly. He has also provided some key customers with the innovation toolbox required to go the extra mile required in an ever changing and complex business environment.”

“Brilliant. Life-changing.”

“I would really like to thank you for your excellent work. So far, I’ve received many, many comments on how great the session was. You really exceeded our best expectations.”

“Our senior Occupational Health team have been working with these ideas, and the result has been the development for the first time of a clear definition of what world-class excellence means in our profession, and how this can be translated from grandiose words into measurable actions and benefits. We could not have achieved this without the extra creativity from Nigel as a catalyst.”

“We have had amazing response from the conference from all areas of the business. Thank you for gauging your input just right for the audience.”

“A fantastic way to end our conference.”

“Perfect! The day went on very well so we are very satisfied. Now we have to start the follow-up thing with our salesforce!”

“Your lecture was widely commented upon as the important event of the congress in Warsaw. You have not only managed to raise audience from the seats, but also to raise our interest. You managed to rise to the occasion. We hope we have ‘batteries included’!“

“Many thanks for your presentation yesterday. The feedback has been fantastic.”

“Nigel managed to set exactly the right tone and linked in with the themes that I was pushing. I have had a number of comments back about how well integrated it was (as well as being inspirational).”

“Nigel Barlow’s energy and enthusiasm are quite simply astonishing. He manages to capture the attention of an audience and sustain their interest for long periods whilst at the same time getting to the heart of the business issue. Not only is Nigel a gifted speaker, he works extremely hard at what he does too! I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

“Nigel gave an excellent performance with extremely relevant content. The audience thought he was the best at the conference.”

Presentation Languages: English

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