Murat Belge

Murat Belge



  • Process of Turkish Intellectual Development
  • Society-Politics-Evolution
  • Democracy and Personal Competency
  • Cultural Sideseeing of İstanbul

What he offers

Murat Belge is not only one of the Turkey’s best known academician but also one of the most outspoken social and political commentators. In his presentations he tackles a wide range of social, political and cultural issues.

How he presents

A charismatic and outspoken speaker, Murat Belge presents with clarity and determination. He is engaging and captivating, challenging conventional wisdom and encouraging audiences to reach insightful conclusions.

Murat Belge was born in 1943 – Ankara. He graduated from the İstanbul University Faculty of Literature, Department of English Language and Literature (1966). He became an assistant and completed his PhD at the same university. In 1981 he left the university and established the publishing house called İletişim Yayınları. Currently he gives his lectures at İstanbul Bilgi University at the Comparative Literature Department. It provides a comprehensive education in Western literature and culture, including visual arts and music, history of philosophy, semiology and criticism theories. Contemporary Turkish and world literature are important components of the programme.

He is known for his critical writings in Yeni Dergi, Papirüs, Halkın Dostları journals. Besides his writings he is also one of the best translators of Faulkner, James Joyce, Patrick White and Dickens. He was on the managing board of monthly socialist culture magazine called Birikim and Yeni Gündem magazine. He started cultural excursions in İstanbul under the name of Meet the İstanbul. His talks and speeches about Haliç, Bosphorus and İstanbul’s others districts are gathered and published with the name of İstanbul Tour Guide.


  • Başka Kentler, Başka Denizler 4 (2014)
  • Şirket Dağılırken (2013)
  • Edebiyatta Ermeniler (2013)
  • Militarist Modernleşme Almanya, Japonya ve Türkiye (2011)
  • Başka Kentler, Başka Denizler 3 (2011)
  • Sanat ve Edebiyat Yazıları (2009)
  • Genesis: “Büyük Ulusal Anlatı” ve Türklerin Kökeni (2008)
  • Başka Kentler Başka Denizler 2 (2007)
  • Osmanlı: Kurumlar ve Kültür (2006)
  • Yaklaştıkça Uzaklaşıyor mu: Türkiye ve Avrupa Birliği (2003)
  • Başka Kentler, Başka Denizler 1 (2002)
  • Tarih Boyunca Yemek Kültürü (2001)
  • Edebiyat Üstüne Yazılar (1998)
  • Boğaziçi’nde Yalılar ve İnsanlar (1997)
  • İstanbul Gezi Rehberi (1993)
  • 12 Yıl Sonra 12 Eylül (1992)
  • Türkiye Dünyanın Neresinde (1992)
  • The Blue Cruise (1991)
  • Marksist Estetik (1989)
  • Sosyalizm, Türkiye ve Gelecek (1989)
  • Tarihten Güncelliğe (1983)

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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