Miyase Bülbül

Miyase Bülbül



  • Woman as an Entrepreneur
  • Ideal Weight and Detox in Business Life
  • Is There Love in the Kitchen?
  • Happiness and Distress of Nutrition
  • Food For Life
  • The Future of Health and Nutrition
  • Stress Out Peace In

What she offers

Miyase Bülbül helps audiences across Turkey to see ourselves in a new light. Her witty presentations are intellectually stimulating, highly entertaining, and forced us all to look at how we think about the eating habits that influences our lives & our health; raw food, detox and nutritions.

How she presents

An immensely entertaining and inspiring speaker, Miyase Bülbül is highly sought after by clients eager to hear first hand the secrets of her tremendous success as a raw food chef besides being a very successful business woman.

Miyase Bülbül, born on June 26, 1959, entered the Department of Business Administration of Gazi University in 1976 after having successfully completed the primary and secondary situation. Having completed her bachelor studies in 1980 she started her professional life in 1981 as a ticket sales officer in Turkish Airlines and continued as a tele marketing manager in I.T.T. YellowPages from 1987, until the year 1991 she has taken positions in I.T.T. YellowPages as tele marketing sales manager of Western Black Sea, Internal Anatolia and South Anatolia regions. Bülbül, who started to work as an advertising manager in Sabah Media Group in 1991, having taken different positions of senior executive like advertising manager in the Sabah Media Group, general manager of ATV television, general manager of the Media Group till 1997, has found the local media marketing company YEPAŞ known to be the first local media agency in Turkey that created an industry and has been a chairman of its executive board for nine years.

Continuing her work with YEPAŞ has taken the position in the foundation and executive board as the chairman of Radyo Evi, that was the planning and sales agency of the national radio. In 2005 she took position in the public relations, foreign relations and communication commissions as a member of KAGİDER and while in these positions she participated in the follow-up process of the EU Project meant to bring up women entrepreneurs aiming to revive the economy of the region. At the same time Miyase Bülbül was one of the 12 members of KAGİDER implementing the projects of the European Union. In the year 2005 she shortly took place in radio by undertaking the position of the producer and presenter for the program called ‘Dördüncü Boyut’ (Fourth Dimension) in the Open Radio.

Miyase Bülbül, making the decision of starting a wholly different period in her career in 2008 after her experiences in the advertising sector and closing Depar A.Ş. she has founded she took the educations of Executive Chief from the Culinary Arts Academy, acquired the diploma of Executive Chef from both Ministry of National Education and City & Guied Academia in 2009-2010 and spent the internship and working period in the restaurant of the hotel Les Ottomans with Italian Chef Givanni and she also took practical and comprehensive certificate training for about 6 months in “Living Light Academia” in California in 2010.

Today Miyase Bülbül has certificates of raw food gourmet chef, raw food trainer, raw food specialist trainer and raw food dessert chef.


  • Alkali Yaşam Alkali Mutfak (2013)

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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