Mike Moore

Mike Moore



  • World Trade
  • Leadership
  • Development of Emerging Markets
  • Globalisation and Global Markets

What he offers

Widely respected for his leadership, experience, and decision-making skills in launching multilateral trade negotiations, he brings a wealth of invaluable insights into the complex issues involved in trans-global business.

How he presents

A candid and thought provoking speaker Mr. Moore’s stimulating and highly informative presentations are characterised by his willingness to share his considerable expertise with the audience in a relaxed and professional manner.

Mike Moore is a globalisation expert. He is a former Prime Minister of New Zealand, and former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, WTO. While at the WTO he enhanced its image and deepened its relations with civil society resulting in ten new members, including China. He has also held the post of New Zealand Ambassador to the United States (2010 to December, 2015). He has been honored by over 16 governments and universities in the Americas, Africa, the Pacific and Europe. He serves on a number of commercial boards and is an adjunct and visiting professor at several universities in a number of countries.

His political career started in 1972 when he became the youngest Member of Parliament ever elected in New Zealand. As Minister of Overseas Trade and Marketing, he played a leading role in launching the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations; and he was also the longest serving member of the New Zealand Parliamentary Select Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade. He served on the UN Commission for the Legal Empowerment of the Poor and the UN Commission for Migration.


  • Saving Globalization (2009)
  • A World without Walls: Freedom, development, free trade and global governance (2003)
  • A Brief History of the Future (1998)


  • The Order of New Zealand – New Zealand’s Highest Honour
  • Commemoration Medal 1990 – New Zealand
  • Commander of the Order of the Equatorial Star – Government of Gabon
  • Chancellor’s Medal (Medalla Rectoral) – University of Chile
  • National Order of Côte d’Ivoire and also the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya – Government of Kenya
  • Order of Duke Branimir with Ribbon – Republic of Croatia
  • National Honour of Georgia – Government of Georgia
  • The Medal of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay – Government of Uruguay – Highest National Honour
  • Pope John Paul II Annual Medal – The Holy See
  • Honorary Officer of the Order of Australia


“Mike gave an excellent presentation, with on-message content. The audience thought he was excellent.”

“Nice guy. Mike Moore, gave an interesting and stimulating talk on ‘Globalisation, Myths Challenges, opportunities and Risks’. A number of our prominent investors thoroughly enjoyed his company and were very impressed and entertained by his remarks and thoughts on the current state of world trade negotiations and likely future developments, and on China.”

“It was a real honour to have Mike deliver the keynote at the opening Plenary Forum. He spoke with a relaxed and professional style and his brilliant performance truly enthralled the audience. He was both charismatic and entertaining and provided us with invaluable insights.”

“Thank you for your support of our efforts to keep ACTE members ahead of the latest challenges in travel management. We appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with out audience, and the effort you put forth to offer an insightful session.”

“Mike Moore makes a strong case for the benefits of free trade and open markets.”

“Mike Moore is that rare politician: a doer who is also a thinker. He pulled off Doha, putting the bumbling failure of Seattle behind us.”

Presentation Languages: English

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