Miha Pogacnik

Miha Pogacnik



  • Back to The Normal ?
  • The Titanic Syndrome
  • Creativity & Inspiration in Business
  • Teamwork & Motivation
  • Management
  • Organisational Change & Development
  • The Integration Process – Music and Business

What he offers

Through music and art Miha demonstrates the principles of renewal and change, transforming thinking patterns and removing barriers which limit creativity and vision. He creates an inspirational platform for tackling teamwork and effective communications.

How he presents

Through his consummate violin artistry and his deep appreciation of the human journey, Miha is able to take his audiences through change and transformation. From corporate executive teams to schoolteachers, he creates his unique spell to extract individuals’ true awareness and capacity, implementing the powerful chemistry between creativity and business.

Miha Pogacnik is a world-renowned violinist, entrepreneur and Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia. He offers an original response to today’s quest of the business world for creativity. His cutting edge approach and genius fuel organisational and individual development and sheds new perspective on corporate strategy. He is also adjunct professor of Art and Leadership at IEDC – Bled School of Management.

An exceptional virtuoso in the corporate and political world, as well as on the musical stage, he is the creative force for intercultural and diplomatic missions, using his music as the media to channel his thoughts. His popularity is proven with speaking at conferences as varied as the World Business Academy, UNESCO and the World Economic Forum. Business leaders agree that Pogacnik’s approach helps people see there are different ways to solve problems – it changes attitudes and his theory gets to the core of things, the driving force. He teaches executives how music compositions are organised and the ways to apply those principles to business. He uses the analogy of musicians in an orchestra playing together to show the importance of leadership and teamwork.


“The approach Pogačnik recommends is useful in certain aspects of running a business, because it helps people see there are different ways to solve problems. It changes attitudes. Pogačnik’s theory seems to get to the core of things, the driving force.”

“Miha Pogačnik is a rare bird, a talented violinist whose music touches the soul; he is a unique explorer who is bringing music to business, not as entertainment, but to enhance understanding of context –its forms and rhythms.”

“A visionary and creative entrepreneur, he can move people and entire organisations in directions never thought of. He has many talents and his incredible mind, passion, energy and never ending enthusiasm for new things make him truly unique!”

“Miha pushes you to think, think outside the box!”

“Miha was charismatic and gave an excellent presentation – he really connected with people.”

Presentation Languages: English, German

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