Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku



  • Living and Working in the Virtual World
  • How Science Will Revolutionise the 21st Century
  • How the Rate of Change Will Increase Exponentially and What the Future Holds
  • Change: New Avenues for Business and Society

What he offers

Using the cutting edge research of today’s foremost scientists, Michio explores the science of tomorrow: computers, artificial intelligence, reshaping our genetic inheritance. He explains how science is opening entirely new avenues for society and organisations at large and provides valuable advice on how to prepare for change. Michio’s research directly impacts on the world of business, finance, and the economy. He interviewed over 300 of the world’s top scientists for his NY Times best seller, ‘Physics of the Future’, to give the most accurate description of the next 20, 50, and even 100 years.

How he presents

A mesmerising and humorous speaker, he conveys a contagious sense of the wonders of science at the most prestigious conferences world-wide. Fantastic visuals captivate audiences.

Dr. Michio Kaku is one of the most widely recognised scientists in the world today. A theoretical physicist, bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, renowned futurist, Dr. Michio is the co-founder of String Field Theory and continues Einstein’s search for a “Theory of Everything,” seeking to unify the four fundamental forces of the universe—the strong force, the weak force, gravity and electromagnetism. Seeking to unify the four fundamental forces of the universe – the strong force, the weak force, gravity and electromagnetism. He has hosted several major TV specials, such as Sci Fi Science, Time and Visions of the Future and 2057. He has written for popular science publications and several of his books are New York Times and world-wide best sellers, including ‘Physics of the Future’, and ‘Physics of the Impossible’.

He holds the Henry Semat Chair and Professorship in theoretical physics at the City College of New York, where he has taught for over 25 years. He has also been a visiting professor at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, as well as New York University (NYU). He is the author of several scholarly, Ph.D. level textbooks and has had more than 70 articles published in physics journals, covering topics such as superstring theory, supergravity, supersymmetry, and hadronic physics.


  • The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything (2021)
  • The Future of Humanity (2018)
  • The Future of the Mind (2014)
  • Physics of the Future: How Science Will Change Daily Life by 2100 (2011)
  • Physics of the Impossible (2008)
  • Parallel Worlds: The Science of Alternative Universes and Our Future in the Cosmos (2006)
  • Einstein’s Cosmos (2004)
  • Weapons in Space (2000)
  • Strings, Conformal Fields and M Theory (1997)


“Michio kept everyone fascinated. He is a very polished and interesting speaker who gave an excellent performance.”

“Charming, professional, stimulating and relevant, Dr. Kaku is an inspirational man with the ability to capture his audience’s attention from start to finish.”

“Personable, with a great combination of content and delivery, Michio delivered real future perspectives, with a good dose of humour.”

“The best speaker we’ve had so far – feedback from delegates was extremely positive. Michio’s content was both fascinating and relevant and the majority of the audience named him the best speaker of all conferences!”

“Dr. Kaku is truly one of the most fascinating and engaging speakers we have ever used. We could have kept him there all day with our guests’ questions on his presentation. He was easy listening, easy to follow and simply brilliant.”

“Michio was outstanding – his passion for his topic is wonderful, almost theatrical, and the audience loved him. A very knowledgeable and very professional speaker.”

“Michio’s keynote speech on ‘The Future of Technology’ was excellent. He proved to be a truly outstanding individual and the content and style of his presentation surpassed our expectations.”

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