Mehmet Tevfik Durmuşoğlu

Mehmet Tevfik Durmuşoğlu



  • Strategy: Link Between Thinking and Creating
  • A Glimpse into the Future: Trend Analysis
  • The Path to Become an Innovating Organization
  • Is Perfection Possible: Operational Excellence
  • Creating Complexity is Easy. Getting Lean is the Real Challenge
  • An Operating System for Your Company: Lean Six Sigma

What he offers

His presentations provoke companies and individuals to think “outside the box”, and to confront their strategies with recent market trends and new competitive pressures.

How he presents

A charismatic and charming individual, Mehmet Tevfik Durmuşoğlu is excellent during his presentation. He is upbeat, humorous and informative and always extremely well received.

Mehmet Tevfik Durmuşoğlu began his practice at Borusan Group after graduating with an Industrial Engineering degree from Boğaziçi University. During his 17 years tenure in Borusan Group, Durmuşoğlu worked in different fields including production, sales, marketing, business development and foreign investments. As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he lead the operational excellence program of the company for years helping it become an international benchmark.

After founding international consulting company BMGI’s Turkey division in 2010, he continued his work as a trusted advisor and problem solver for different companies and non profit organizations. As an expert in strategy, innovation and performance excellence, Mehmet Tevfik Durmuşoğlu leverages years of experience as he works with clients to insource creativity and increase organic growth potential, driving sustainable breakthroughs and leading broad-reaching transformation efforts across a range of countries and industries. A respected authority in his field, he is a frequent presenter and facilitator, coaching senior leaders on how to align their strategy for ultimate success.

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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