Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham



  • Human Resources
  • Management Strategies
  • Breaking the Rules for Success
  • Creating Leaders
  • Employee Retention and Motivation

What he offers

A wonderful resource for both human resources and management issues, Marcus challenges conventional wisdom and shows the link between employee opinions and productivity, profit, customer satisfaction, and the rate of turnover.

How he presents

Unconventional, dynamic and entertaining his presentations are ground-breaking explorations of the path to managerial success. He combines innovative ideas with real life examples from a wide variety of organizations to show audiences how they can learn from the world’s best managers and leaders.

During his 17 years with The Gallup Organization, Marcus Buckingham has helped lead their research into the world’s best managers, leaders and workplaces. He has continued to gain experience in management practices and employee retention and has spent the last decade helping clients find and motivate their most talented employees. In 2009 and 2007 Thinkers 50, the global ranking of management gurus placed him among the list of most influential thinkers.

Marcus holds a master’s degree in social and political science from Cambridge University and was a member of the Secretary of State’s Advisory Committee on Leadership and Management. He has been the subject of in-depth profiles in The New York Times, Fortune, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and USA Today and is routinely lauded as an invaluable resource in informing, challenging, mentoring and inspiring people to find their strengths and obtain and sustain long-lasting personal success. He founded The Marcus Buckingham Company in 2007 to create tools and training that would help managers and organizations access the untapped potential of their people’s strengths.


  • StandOut 2.0 (2015)
  • StandOut (2011)
  • Find Your Strongest Life (2009)
  • The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success (2008)
  • Go Put Your Strengths to Work (2007)
  • The One Thing You Need to Know (2005)
  • Now, Discover Your Strengths (co-authored with Donald O. Clifton) (2001)
  • First, Break All the Rules (co-authored with Curt Coffman) (1999)

Presentation Languages: English

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