Marcello Palazzi

Marcello Palazzi



  • Beyond Sustainability Towards a Regenerative Economy
  • Impact Entrepreneurship: How Entrepreneurs Change The World, for The Better
  • Impact Economics: How Our Economy Can be Transformed for The Good of People and Planet
  • Impact Leadership: Lessons Learned in 30 Years of Leading New Ventures

What he offers

Deep knowledge of regenerative business and economy from 30+ years personal experience as entrepreneur, economist, philanthropist.

How he presents

High energy, with passion, conviction and empathy.

Marcello is an economist and serial entrepreneur for human progress with a track-record of 30 successful pioneering ventures, either as founder, co-founder or catalyst: Marton Products Ltd and Deneb Laboratori Chimici srl, two high-tech, Europe’s first, environmental diagnostic companies he co-developed and grew to sales in 30 countries with his father .

Marcello’s 30+ year vision of a civic economy, which he wrote about in 1989 at the start of Progressio Foundation and which underpinned much of his work and influence are his strengths ; his commitment to ethical values; his foresight in consistently seeing and anticipating what economic evolution requires for human progress; his experience in working across business, civil society, government, philanthropy and academia at the highest levels in several countries and globally; his boundless creativity and innovation; his capacity to shift from high strategy to entrepreneurial practice and operations; his global mindset; his leadership qualities, energy, passion, charisma and his global contacts with some 50,000 conscious leaders around the world; his collaboration capacity, which he has practiced for 40 years, starting with his family business. Marcello is by education an economist, foreign policy scholar and business manager. His Alma Maters include Stanford University Harvard University ,LSE, LBS, Erasmus Rotterdam, Oxford’s Saïd Business School and the University of Buckingham.

He holds a BSc, MSc and MBA and was awarded The Economist Prize in 1987 for his MBA Thesis on Entrepreneurial Philanthropy, the first article on the subject ever. He is currently Global Ambassador for the B Corp Movement, member of the Danone North America’s B Corp Committee of the Board, board member and past chairman of SIX, the worldwide social innovation exchange, co-chair of the Trustees at Global Academy Foundation in San Francisco, co-chair of the Avalon Foundation in the Netherlands, board member of Foundations 3.0 in Brussels, board member of IMECE in Istanbul, Fellow of the Eco-Transformation Centre at Erasmus University, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK, member of the board of trustees of the Alterra Foundation in Basel, co— founder of the Regeneration2030 Coalition to be launched in Parma and Rome in October 2020, advisor to MYST AI in San Francisco and member of Pope Francis’ Covid 19 Commission.

NOW Partners and the Regenerative Alliance, with Walter Link and Benoît Greindl, respectively, are his most recent ventures, soon to be made public.


Progressio Foundation 1990-93, Social Venture Network Europe 1993-94, PYMWYMIC 1994, New Academy of Business 1995-96, UN Social Summit Business Forum 1995, UN Habitat World Business Summit 1996, Bremen Initiative for Business-Cities Partnership 1997-2003, UNESCO World Business Foru 1998, Copenhagen Centre for Social Responsibility 1998-2002, The State of the World Forum’s Commission on Globalization 2000-2003, HUMANICA  2001-2003, The Spirit in Business Foundation  2000-2004, The Foundation for Natural Leadership  2001-02, The Tällberg Forum 2005-13, Tällberg Advisors 2006-08, Bioneers Europe 2009-10, ALIA Europe 2011, B Lab Europe 2014-Current


Towards the civic economy (1990)

Presentation Languages: English

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