Mahfi Eğilmez

Mahfi Eğilmez

Mahfi Eğilmez



  • Turkey and the World Economy, Current Analysis
  • 2021: Risks and Opportunities
  • Special Presentation: Anatolian Civilizations (Hittites)

What he offers

As an Economist and Former Undersecretary of Treasury, Mahfi Eğilmez focuses on the impact of economic growth for the companies. His analysis and predictions on how risks and opportunities will affect and shape business today but also in the future provide fascinating insights for national and international corporations all over Turkey.

How he presents

Mahfi Eğilmez is a powerful, charismatic and effective speaker, who is in frequent demand at keynote summits and conferences around Turkey.

Mahfi Eğilmez graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Economics and Finance. He has a PhD degree at Public Finance. Mahfi Eğilmez started as a Deputy Inspector of Finance in public service in 1972. Furthermore he served as Auditor, Assistant General Manager of Revenues, Head of Public Institutions and Affiliates of the Treasury Department, Assistant General Manager of Treasury Public Finance, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of Washington, Director General of Public Finance of the Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade, Deputy Undersecretary of Treasury and Foreign Trade, Economy and Trade Principal Consultant and Undersecretariat of Treasury Counsellor of the Embassy of Washington.

He was appointed to the Undersecretariat of Treasury in 1997. He left the public service at the end of 1997. He served as a member and chairman of the board in various banks and financial sector organizations in private sector between 1997-2006. He resigned in 2006. He was a lecturer for economic policy at İstanbul Bilgi University and Kadir Has University. He is currently a lecturer at Altınbaş University. He writes regularly on his web site He was a commentator with Servet Yıldırım for the program called “NTVPara” (NTVMoney) on NTV. He has a special interest in the history of Hittites and he published several books on this subject besides his articles and books on economy.


  • Inferis (2020)
  • Türkiye Ekonomisi (2020)
  • Ekonominin Temelleri (2019)
  • Tarihsel Süreç İçinde Dünya Ekonomisi (2018)
  • Değişim Sürecinde Türkiye (2018)
  • Ekonomide Analiz (2016)
  • Kamu Maliyesi (2016)
  • Mikroekonomi (2015)
  • Kendime Yazılar (2012)
  • Hattuşa’dan Kaçış (2012)
  • Örneklerle Kolay Ekonomi (2012)
  • Makroekonomi (2009)
  • Küresel Finans Krizi (2008)
  • Hitit Ekonomisi (2005)
  • Ekonomi Politikası (2002)
  • Anitta’nın Laneti (2001)
  • Krizleri Nasıl Çıkardık (2001)
  • Light Günlük (2000)
  • Hazine (1996)
  • IMF, Dünya Bankası ve Türkiye (1996)
  • Katma Değer Vergisi (1983)


“Mr. Mahfi captured the hearts and minds with his speech. All the participants comprehended a lot with his plain expression. We can’t thank him enough.”

“Mr. Mahfi’s performance and CSA’s service were excellent Thanks a lot.”

“Mr. Mahfi’s speaking performance was very good. Thanks a lot.”

“Our meeting was very successful with his favour. Everybody was impressed by his positive energy. All the participants said they understood so many things that they didn’t understand before.”

“Mr. Mahfi’s speech on economics was very comprehensible. It was very effective that his presentation was interactive. We had one of the most successful meetings with Mr. Mahfi.”

“Our meeting was very nice. Mr. Mahfi’s presentation was very good. Our workers enjoyed a lot and they thanked us for his participation. We want to thank to CSA and him again.”

“Mahfi Eğilmez was natural, candid, command of the subject and positive during our meetings. The content of his speech was extremely satisfactory and useful. He has intimate knowledge on economics and his speech was very comprehensible. He moderately answered all the questions of participants. All of our meetings were highly positive and contentful.”

“Mr. Mahfi’s speaking style was coherent, fluent and humoristic. He has really very good communication with the people. He is friendly and modest.”

“His speaking performance was very good. The content of his speech was very appropriate as we expected. His speaking style was coherent. All the participants enjoyed a lot. He used the time very well. He transparently answered the questions.”

“He is a very good speaker with his modest style, intimate knowledge and experiences. The content was extremely interesting and satisfactory. He was appreciated a lot by our guests.”

“Generally all the participants enjoyed a lot. Mr. Mahfi’s presentation was very good and interactive.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English

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