Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus Lindkvist



  • The World and Your Industry: Portrait of
    a Bright Future
  • Trendspotting and Futurology – How to think ahead and understand a chaotic, uncertain and global world
  • Future Possibilities and Possible Futures
    – A megatrend safari
  • “Darwinnovation” – How to be innovative in a global, uncertain world
  • “The Attack of The Unexpected” – Thinking Ahead in Turbulent Times
  • Digital Customer

What he offers

Magnus Lindkvist leaves few senses unshaken or unstirred in his keynote speeches. “With the intelligence of a scientist and the humour of a stand-up comedian”, as one listener remarked, “he takes you on a vivid journey that you never want to end.” Using measurable macrotrends and applicable consumer insights, Lindkvist paints a picture of tomorrow’s world tailor-made to your particular area of expertise or industry.

How he presents

Magnus Lindkvist’s speeches are a whirlwind of ideas and inspiration that will energise and intellectually refresh listeners using a mix of images, videos, sound and, of course, a world-class delivery of the spoken word.

Magnus Lindkvist is a trendspotter and futurologist who weaves together the most important and exciting current trends to forecast what life, society and business might look like in the future. With a uniquely energetic speaking style, his talks are a multimedia-infused boost of intellectual inspiration about topics ranging from trendspotting and innovation to future-living and the business world of tomorrow.

Magnus is a graduate of Stockholm School of Economics and UCLA School of Film, Television and Theatre and has made a career out of fusing the measurability and tangibility of the business world with the imaginative storytelling of Hollywood. With a background as a management consultant and brand strategist, he founded his company Pattern Recognition in 2005 to help companies make sense (and money) out of the future. In 2009, he won the coveted “Business Speaker of the Year” award in Sweden. In 2008, he created the world’s first academically accredited course in Trendspotting and Future Thinking at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. Magnus is a member of renowned conference TED – technology, entertainment and design.


  • The Future Book – 40 Ways to Future-Proof Your Work and Life (2015)
  • Trendspotting – The Basics (with Alf Rehn) (2013)
  • When The Future Begins: A guide to long-term thinking (2013)
  • The Attack of the Unexpected (2011)
  • Everything We Know Is Wrong: The Invisible Trends That Shape Business, Society and Life (2009)


  • Named Top 10 Speakers of 2014 by MeetingsNet
  • Speaker of the year in Sweden, 2009


“One of the very best speakers I’ve ever seen. The content was interesting, topical, funny, thought provoking, inspiring. His style of delivery was very, very polished, great timing, very good use of humour.”

“Magnus spoke at Ideas 2012, our annual flagship conference for institutional clients in EMEA. Magnus was extremely well-received and received the highest speaker score (6.4 out of 7). He is thought-provoking, and conveys his message with great energy, passion, impact and humour. I recommend him highly.”

“Magnus was very engaging and inspirational and his message very powerful. His high quality of his visuals and supporting material enhanced his messages perfectly. The entire audience enthusiastically following the entire presentation and hoping for it not to end.”

“Our international sales meeting attendees thought Magnus performed fantastically. He gave an extremely good, clear message and incorporated the briefing extremely well into his delivery.”

“Magnus has a great attitude and is an excellent speaker. He gave a fabulous, tailored speech and inspired our Managers. It is very rare for a Finnish business audience to be so wildly enthusiastic.”

“What a great presenter! Magnus Lindkvist not only knows his subject intimately but he clearly also does extensive research on his audience. The result is incredibly impactful, the audience entranced and fully involved. I’d travel a long way to listen to Magnus impart his message!”

“Magnus Lindkvist’s presentation at this year’s International Management Meeting in Chamonix received a nearly perfect score (97.8%) from participants.”

“Magnus Lindkvist is a total total total rock star! Seriously. He is fiercely intelligent, wonderfully curious, hilariously funny and amazingly insightful. Magnus was the closing keynote speaker for a conference in Vienna with 150 senior media executives involved in strategy and strategic planning. After a full day of hearing about Google this and Netflix that, along came Magnus. And he showed us that we can think about the future without having anxiety attacks (ha!) and we can learn to be the sexy dancer in the left hand side of the screen…Seriously, he is a truly wonderful and inspiring speaker!”

“In February 2012, Magnus Lindkvist did a very inspirational presentation at our internal launch event in Berlin. Or maybe I should call it a mind-blowing show?! Magnus is a very inspiring presenter, who truly understands how to capture the attention of the audience and share his insights on what trends are, how they relate to us, and how to handle them. In short, A great trend presentation, with lots of thought-provoking content, performed by one of the best presenters I have ever seen.”

“Magnus is one of the most dynamic and thought-provoking speakers in the world. He has a unique ability to quickly identify, connect and track trends and convey in a very compelling, insightful manner. He leaves the audience mesmerized and always wanting more.”

“When Magnus presented the keynote address at our thought leadership speaker series, audience feedback was positively through the roof. Through a post-event survey, employees overwhelmingly agreed that Magnus helped to promote the gathering and sharing of new ideas at MBUSA. He illustrated a complex topic in a very compelling way and inspired us to think very differently.”

Presentation Languages: English

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