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Liz Bohannon



  • Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose & Impact Now
  • Become A Leader Who Crushes Disruption – Three Strategies to Create Opportunity No Matter the Challenge

What she offers

How often do we dismiss someone’s success by calling it “Beginner’s Luck?” What if the very fact that they were a beginner is just what gave them the advantage to succeed? By guiding audiences through the principles of her bestselling book, “Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Now,” Liz Bohannon creates a roadmap for success that focuses on the acts of doing instead of dreaming, and enables audiences to achieve even the most challenging goals. As the current CEO of Sseko Designs, Liz is the perfect speaker for audiences that are navigating businesses through uncertainty.

How she presents

A powerful storyteller, Liz presents with high energy and enthusiasm. Liz shares many stories about the not so glamourous side of entrepreneurship that get audiences laughing and keeps them engaged. Liz’s presence is warm and relatable which is appealing for many audiences.

In 2009, Liz Bohannon set out on a mission. Armed with a master’s degree in journalism, and a curious mind, she traveled to Uganda to better understand the social and economic challenges for women. She discovered that women did not want charity, but a more sustainable solution that would provide them with an education and respectable jobs. As Liz dug deeper into this problem, with an open mind and fresh perspective, she found a way to create a business that would provide a marketplace solution.

Ten years later, she is sharing the story of how her company, Sseko Designs, grew from three women making sandals together under a mango tree, into an international fashion brand that provides employment, educational opportunities, and entrepreneurial training to hundreds of women in Uganda and across the globe. By providing employment and educational opportunities, Sseko enables women in East Africa to continue their education and become leaders in their country and our world, as well as providing hundreds of women in the U.S. to build their own Sseko business and make an impact.

Liz’s story is filled with lessons for success that are grounded in the principle of having a beginner’s mind, which she sums up in her new book, Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Now. In it she shares uncommon ideas toward success like, Own Your Average, Stop Trying to Find Your Passion…Create It, Dream Small, Be Good with Good Enough and 10 other guiding principles that she uses with her own employees and Sseko Fellows to help them build their own successful careers.

Liz continues to channel her inner beginner as she manages employees across multiple continents, and it is because she is leading with this beginner’s mind that she is able to be a more courageous, creative and effective leader.

Using her unlikely story of a journalist-gone-shoe-maker, Liz shares her passion for social enterprise, conscious consumerism, social justice, creative leadership and gender-equality, all seen through the lens of a beginner’s mind, wrapped in a decade’s worth of experience.

The Sseko story has been featured in dozens of publications including, Vogue Magazine, Redbook Magazine, O Magazine, Inc., Fortune and others. Sseko has appeared on national broadcasts including ABC’s Shark Tank and Good Morning America.

Among other notable honors, Liz was recently named a Top Three Transformation Leader by John Maxwell, Forbes listed her as a top 20 public speaker in the U.S. and Bloomberg Businessweek named Sseko as a top social enterprise to watch.

Liz now splits her time between Uganda and Portland, Oregon, where she and her husband Ben run Sseko Designs and raise their two young sons.


  • Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Now, 2019


“Liz Bohannon is an amazing storyteller, communicates with passion, and shares wisdom that is applicable. Her talk was among the highest rated from our entire event and one of the most requested by our global community. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone more inspiring!”

“Inspired journey meets strategic thinking meets hilarious storytelling… Liz is the full package, and her accolades hardly prepared me for how amazing her art of presenting would be at Athena. We positioned Liz as the kick-off speaker for a two-day conference, and she set the tone with passion and inspiration immediately with an engaging, authentic story of how purpose is not found, but exists inside us. Our conference attendees have had nothing but glowing comments for her – it’s incredible to witness someone who can change the lives of so many in such a short period of time.”

“Liz Bohannon is truly a transformational leader. Her belief that each person was created for a purpose is evident in the way she leads, inspires and motivates others to build a life of passion and purpose. Her honesty, grit, and commitment to justice ignites others to create a positive impact in the world and be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

“Liz is known for her fun and dynamic speaking style and her personal stories about taking risks, building a brand with purpose and striving for gender equality and social enterprise at universities, conferences, and gatherings across the globe.”

“Liz Bohannon is one of the greatest communicators we have ever hosted at Plywood Presents. She has a gift of making every person feel like family, while teaching us something that changes the way we see the world forever. She is not only and incredible speaker, but she is a living and breathing example of the change we need in the world today.”

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