Laura Storm

Laura Storm



      • A Regenerative Vision for a World Where Purpose, People, Planet & Prosperity Collectively Thrive – The Dawn of The Regenerative Paradigm
      • Leadership Inspired by Nature
      • Regenerative Design, Leadership, Cities, Living
      • What We Can Learn from Nature’s Intelligence in How We Design, Lead, Live, Work, Collaborate and Produce
      • Inner Sustainability – Cultivating a Sustainable Lifestyle

What she offers

At her speeches Laura highligths the importance of a regenerative world where people thrive, do business consciously, lead with compassion and where the production is based on circularity and design inspired by nature.

How she presents

As a passionate and sincere voice in the sustainability debate Laura inspires the audiances with her keen approach on new ideas for changing the current status quo into a thriving world for people, planet and profit.

Laura is an international keynote speaker, author, advisor and expert on sustainability leadership and has spent her entire career advising global leaders on sustainability and building impact- and purpose-driven organizations, and movements. All have they focused on the global transformation to sustainability and they include the Copenhagen Climate Council, the World Business Summit on Climate Change, Project Green Light and Sustainia. In 2018, she founded Regenerators – a collective focused on nature-inspired regenerative design, organizations, leadership and living. She is the co-author of the much-praised book Regenerative Leadership and for her work, she has been awarded the title ‘Worldchanger’ by Greenbiz, is selected by the World Economic Forum as a ‘Young Global Leader’ and named one world’s leading women in the sustainability & regeneration by Sustainable Brands.

She serves on multiple Boards and on the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network as an expert in sustainable development and climate change. Her academic background is a Master in Political Communication and Leadership from Copenhagen Business School.

Laura lives on a permaculture farm in Portugal with her family.


“Laura is an important speaker for a greener transition in Denmark and abroad. She is an inspiring change agent, goodcommunicator and eloquent speaker, which we have used with great success for our final conference”

“Laura is very knowledgable about all the many facets of sustainability, and her commitment allows her to connect with people in a authentic and personal way that is very unique.”

“Laura Storm was a huge success when she gave a keynote at A Sustainable Future in Malmø. She highlighted the perspective on how inner sustainability is a prerequisite for building thriving sustainable societies and systems. She touched several in the audience to tears and made us realize how a deeper integration of nature into our product, company, leadership and life design is key to building a thriving world. That we are nature.”

“She has proven to be a bold, passionate, and innovative young leader – she’s not afraid to stand out or to break new ground. She performs as an excellent storyteller and a great keynote speaker. She captivates an audience and make people listen. She is inspiring and has an exciting stage presence.”

”Laura is an influential, passionate and sincere voice in the sustainability debate. She is visionary, creative and has an innovative mindset”

Presentation Languages: English

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