Larry Hochman

Larry Hochman



  • The Customer Experience – Your Only Priority
  • Transformational Leadership in a Changing Environment
  • Creating a Collaborative Culture of Change
  • The New Marketing – Customers Do It For You
  • The Future of Work – Average is Over
  • Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

What he offers

Larry Hochman uses his vast insights to help companies develop a competitive advantage by focusing attention on the needs of their customers and their people. His ability to spot future trends has turned his experiences and theories into tangible business successes around the globe. His presentation on Relationship Economics gives invaluable insights. Larry demonstrates the keys to succeed in the post-recession era and why more than ever your relationship skills will differentiate your business from that of your competitors. His many years of practical experience and hands on decision making at British Airways and AirMiles make his presentations truly unique.

How he presents

Articulate and charismatic, Larry is globally recognised as a leading authority on the future trends of customer relationships, leadership, business transformation, globalisation, talent management as well as developing effective people and culture in organisations. His presentations are inspirational and highly motivating.

Larry Hochman is one of the most popular keynote speakers in the world. He was selected as “The European Business Speaker of the Year” in 2001. He previously held a number of senior positions at British Airways and the loyalty management company Airmiles in both New York and London. His roles at British Airways included Director of Customer Service & Director of People & Culture. Larry was the first person in Britain to hold this title.

A pioneer of corporate mentoring in Europe, he has been the personal mentor to many global Chief Executives. In his book ‘The Relationship Revolution’, he argues that at this defining moment commercial success will not be determined by size. Instead, it will be determined by focus, and competence, execution and delivery. In an age where you’re unlikely to win in the long-term by competing on price, and where products can easily be copied, customer relationships are your true source of sustained competitive advantage. To survive, he argues, businesses will need to focus on something that cannot be replicated by anyone else.


  • The Relationship Revolution: Closing the Customer Promise Gap (2010)


“Larry gave an excellent and very relevant speech on the subject of ‘Improving Service Delivery to Customers and Lifting Team Spirit’. It was highly engaging and the audience response was very positive.”

“Larry’s startling appraisal of the way business is likely to change in the next few years was sobering and thought provoking. This is exactly what is needed to help our business managers ‘think outside the box’ about ways in which their own markets may change and how they can adapt themselves to exploit the opportunities that presents. At the same time his messages in so many different ways fit well with the overall ‘Think Customer’ theme for this year’s Forum.”

“Larry is an excellent speaker who gives a polished performance with perfect style.”

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