Kubilay QB Tunçer

Kubilay QB Tunçer



  • Magical Leader – “Similarities & Interactios Between a Magician & a Leader”
  • Perceptions, Social Facts, Illusions
  • Magic Show – Interactive, Entertaining, Motivating, Inspiring

What he offers

Kubilay Tunçer is a new genre of magical entertainment. With his complex technique he is able to forecast and control human behavior – all in a mesmerising way. He has a unique performance in its truest sense.

How he presents

Calm and charismatic you are instantly drawn into Kubilay Tunçer’s performance, seeing really is believing.

Kubilay QB Tunçer uses perception psychology and magic in his shows. Carrying on an interesting art career as a scriptwriter, dramatist and a stage magician, Kubilay has also undertaken several managerial and advisory duties in movie and television industry. He founded “The Open Theatre”, and its production “Usual Miracles” was the first Turkish play to be performed in Edinburgh Festival and to be staged as a commercial play in London. After his studies in psychology and philosophy of science, which constitute his academic background, Kubilay turned towards management science and business theories. He defends that, to comprehend the ever changing world, management science should be handled together with art, literature and philosophy. He defines his approach as “interdisciplinary but not undisciplined” and he uses magic acts when sharing this approach with corporations, which makes it an exhilarated and memorable experience for the audience.

Kubilay QB Tuncer observes that; “Magic is important because it teaches you how to spell life backwards. It makes you question things which are believed to be impossible and most importantly, it comprises an astounding creativity”. Kubilay is very glad to be recognized as a magician, because magic conveys communication to the ultimate level in every aspect of his life but particularly in his speeches.

Kubilay is a global speaker, who takes into account the corporations’ requirements when preparing his speeches. It is crucial for him to create maximum value and for that reason; he continuously examines industry, market and field dynamics. He diligently sticks to his principle of not working with corporations disrespectful to ethical values. He was also lectured in Istanbul Bilgi University MBA Program on “Management in Chaotic Environments”.


  • Magician Leader (2015)
  • Usual Miracles (Collected Plays) (2002)
  • Everyone Will Be Magician (2002)
  • Apokrifa (Poems) (1991)


“It was an amazing presentation on perception management and alternative thinking with surprising and interactive games.. It was an unforgettable show..”

“Mr. Kubilay shared all our messages with the participants as we talked before the organization. His show was well-matched with the subject.”

“Mr. Kubilay’s performance was very impressive and nice. Thanks a lot again.”

“He is extremely positive and command of the stage. He is a stage man who really does his work both visual and verbal very good…”

“It was very impressive and amusing.”

“An extraordinary talent, dangerous charisma.”

“He is one of the most preferred speakers of Turkey.”

“We were very pleased by Mr. Kubilay’s show and presentation. Everybody overjoyed. Thanks a lot.”

“Different, a very good stage performance…”

“We were extremely impressed by QB’s presentation that was supported by visual and experimental items. It reminded us that there are so many important things when we decide.”

“He is a candid speaker. He relieved us with his facility. His topics and speaking style were very good. He made the audience as they were participants.”

“His stage performance was very important for our targets on brand spirit and teamwork. His humour and illusion were extremely creative and nice. His English was very fluent.”

“We were impressed by his interactive perception games. His English was very fluent and excellent. All the guests enjoyed a lot.”

“We want to thank Mr. Kubilay for improving the quality of our meeting and motivation.”

“He is a successful speaker who can impress the participants with his original and extraordinary presentations.”

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English, Spanish, French

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