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Kevin Kelly



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  • Customer Service
  • How to Xceptionalize Your Business

What he offers

He speaks on the methodology of Xceptional Execution and the success principles of entrepreneurship, leadership, sales and motivation. He energises, informs and challenges audiences to take the next step, to DO! more in the context of their careers and business development.

How he presents

Enthusiastic & empathetic, understanding that people have different learning styles, he transmits his message, using all possible mediums, in a manner that is easily accessible to everyone is his audience. His presentations are energetic, fun and customized to suit the audience.

Kevin Kelly is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. Discovering that 88% of company breakthroughs were the result of exceptional execution of an ordinary idea, he has single-mindedly explored his remarkably simple idea. This research culminated in the development of the unique XE methodology – Xceptional Execution. Built on four key principles it inspires, challenges and shows how to bring your business to the next level.

He was born into a small entrepreneurial family retail business in the West of Ireland. This was to be the best training course of his life. From a very young age he was selling and negotiating, listening to and serving customers. Some people told him their life stories behind the shop counter – others hadn’t time to say hello! He got a great insight into what made people tick and what didn’t. People and human behavior quickly became his passion. After graduating from University College Galway with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1987, he proceeded to break sales records in each of the companies he worked for. Interestingly, the two words that most people attributed to his success was “energy and enthusiasm” – this fascinated him. In 1990 his company Advanced Marketing Ltd was formed and he lectured International Marketing and Management at the Sligo Institute of Technology in Ireland. Over the years he had the pleasure of working with several SME’s across industries and helped them to transform their outlook and maximize their business potential and lives; from ambulances, staircases, wrought iron gates, to hotels, crystal, adventure parks and more!

Nowadays his work takes him all over the world. He speaks about this expertise in his keynotes, masterclasses and training modules at corporate meetings and conferences throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. From Fortune 500 companies to prestigious associations, he has had the honour of addressing many major organizations, including The Million Dollar Round Table, Microsoft, Globant, HSBC, KPMG, Scania, Coca-Cola, Pfizer and Lane Crawford.


  • DO! The Pursuit of Xceptional Execution
  • Basics Before Buzz
  • Get Real – Thinking and Doing Differently
  • Life: A Trip Towards Trust
  • How? When You Don’t Know How


“Kevin has unbelievable energy and enthusiasm. His positive thinking is infectious and entertaining. Kevin take on sales motivation is different.”

“Kevin commanded a high level of audience participation and adapted his motivational keynote to fit perfectly into the overall theme of our trade launch.”

“Much like the audience he presented to during our events, I have to admit to being unsure of exactly what we’d signed up to when we confirmed Kevin as our keynote speaker. What we were sure of was that we wanted something different. We knew we wanted to challenge and inspire our audience to think differently about themselves and their businesses. Now, looking back on the events, I can say that Kevin more than delivered on that goal for us. His keynotes were not only challenging but highly impactful and we’ve had fantastic feedback from attendees across all of the events!”

“Thank you so much, the workshop exceeded my expectations! You really know how to motivate and engage an audience with your energy and enthusiasm. The session provided them with practical take-aways that they can put into action immediately.”

“Kevin is an inspiring and enthusiastic motivational speaker not to mention lively, entertaining and thought-provoking. His energy was transferred onto his audience as he engaged with them throughout. He encouraged self belief and instilled the importance of positive thinking. He certainly offered something different!”

“Very lively, interactive presentation, well balanced with to the point detailed and scientifically backed-up information. Spot on presentation when it concerns xceptional execution now. Good speaker which can keep the attention of its audience easily focussed for a one and a half hours presentation.”

“Too often speakers base their presentations on other people’s experiences – Kevin has lived and breathed every bit of the journey he takes you on. That’s what makes him stand out head and shoulders above every other speaker I have seen in the last 15 years. Yesterday Kevin’s motivational keynote took 30 colleagues and me on a rollercoaster ride for three hours. Initially it was scary, then the adrenalin pumped through all our veins and when he eventually allowed us to loosen our grip we all walked away shattered but taking with us the experience of a lifetime. The energy with which he delivers is breathtaking – it’s akin to Michael Schumacher on steroids!!” The seminar lasted three hours – the impact will be forever.”

“It was obvious that Kevin’s enthusiasm and passion for life radiated to his audience. His storytelling and exercises made the entrepreneurial thinking programme content compelling and memorable. I would highly recommend his motivational course and book for anyone interested in achieving work-life success.”

“The Mind Matters/Spirit Masters workshop is a fast paced, interactive and thought provoking session which empowers you to achieve both personal and business goals. Kevin’s energy is contagious.”

“Kevin has a warm, energetic and inclusive style of presenting. Allied to a careful understanding of his client’s needs and ethos, he encourages, motivates and energises his audience to define real actions to be taken by each person and creates in them a desire to achieve them. He works at a pace appropriate to his audience, which adds greatly to both their commitment and enjoyment of the workshop. His understanding of things spiritual in realising human potential and his willingness to share openly from his own experiences in this regard is greatly appreciated and valued.”

Presentation Languages: English

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