Kenan Mortan


  • Urban and Regional Economies in Turkey: An Analysis Based on 65 Cities in Turkey
  • World Economy: EU, Middle East and Balkan States
  • SMEs: 10 years of seminars with SMEs in Anatolian region
  • Innovation Economy
  • Food Sector with an EU Accredited Advisor Approach
  • Industry Analysis; Machinery, Clothing, Agriculture and Education

What he offers

Through his studies on different aspects on economy Dr. Kenan Mortan has gained a high reputation both on national and international levels. He shares his valuable insights on Turkish regional economies, world economy and SMEs. Furthermore, he guides organisations on Social Entrepreneurship, management of Civil Society Organisations, the Cooperative Systems and Crowdfunding.

How he presents

Dr. Mortan is an energetic and engaging speaker who guides the audience with his wide expertise.

Dr. Kenan Mortan has completed his bachelor’s and doctorate degrees at Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics. He has become an Associate Professor on Public Economy in 1983 and a Professor on Economic Policy in 1989. As an active lecturer since 1980, Dr. Mortan has specialized on Economic Policy and Regional Planning.

Dr. Mortan is a visiting lecturer at EISTI (Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Taitement de l’Information) in Paris, an Emeritus Professor at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Architecture in Istanbul and a visiting lecturer at Monash University in Melbourne.

Dr. Mortan’s publications on urban and regional economics are used as coursebooks at universities. He has been a project leader in Development Strategy Studies for twenty different cities in Eastern Turkey and has contributed to Aphrodisias Antique City Land Management Plan as an economics expert.

Selected Publications:

  • Türkiye Kültür Atlası (to be published in 2019)
  • Migration of Turks to Australia (2018)

Presentation Languages: Turkish, English, German

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