Ken Segall

Ken Segall



  • Business Strategy
  • Creative Thinking
  • Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives
    Apple’s Success
  • Digital and Online Business
  • Branding and Technology Marketing
  • Innovative Marketing Strategies

What he offers

In his presentations Ken gives interesting insights into what became one of the world’s biggest brands. He recounts a mix of Apple insights and interesting stories about working with Steve Jobs and helps companies wishing to leverage the power of simplicity.

How he presents

His powerful message makes Ken Segall a sought-after speaker at renowned conferences around the globe.

Ken Segall is a creative director with a successful career in technology marketing, branding, product naming and strategy. For 12 years he was Creative Director at Apple and worked closely with Steve Jobs. He revolutionised Apple with his ‘Think Different’ campaign and added to the world’s vocabulary that powerful little ‘i’ which stands unabashedly before thousands of Apple products.

Ken also spent time as agency global Creative Director at Dell, IBM, Intel, BMW and Next Computer. His latest effort was the Ellen DeGeneres campaign for JCPenney that debuted at the Oscars. He consults usually about branding and naming and keeps a watchful eye on technology and marketing — offering insights based on his many years in charge of advertising for some of the most successful and iconic technology companies in the world.


  • Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success (2012)


“The agency was buzzing… You shared so many principles that could/should be applied to both us and our clients. You inspired and energized.”

“A motivating talk! I could feel the temperature of the room going up and up. The students were inspired, and their spirits uplifted.”

“Your profound yet (insanely) simple approach to creativity gave our members a better understanding of the vast difference between good and great.”

Presentation Languages: English

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