Joshua Silver

Joshua Silver



  • Adjustable Liquid-filled Eyeglasses
  • Optical Innovation

What he offers

Josh Silver delivers his brilliantly simple solution for correcting vision at the lowest cost possible — adjustable, liquid-filled lenses, giving sight to millions without access to an optometrist. He demonstrates the effectiveness of his glasses and also provided insight into the economic and educational repercussions on impoverished populations that result from the dearth of vision correction options.

How he presents

Highly engaging and fluid, his style is nonetheless very well punctuated allowing time to absorb his powerful messages. He is a stimulating and engaging speaker whose qualities are endorsed by his audiences.

Joshua Silver is an atomic physicist and Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford. Professor Silver is the chairman of the board of trustees of the Centre for Vision in the Developing World at the University of Oxford.

He became interested in the emerging area of adaptive optics in the mid-1980s. After considering the way our eye-brain adaptive optical system works, he suggested that self-refraction with suitable adaptive lens eyeglasses could be a useful procedure for correcting refractive error, after trying such a procedure on himself. He created several prototypes of self-adjustable eyeglasses – including the Adspecs, the world’s first fluid-filled universal eyeglasses – and he carried out research supported by the UK’s DFID which showed that self-refraction with such glasses was a useful procedure for bringing vision correction to around half of the world’s population which currently needs, but does not have, corrective eyewear. The self-refraction procedure is particularly useful for populations where there are too few eyecare professionals to meet the needs of the people. Josh hopes to see a billion people having vision correction by the year 2020.


  • 2005 Health Award Laureate by The Tech Museum of Innovation

Presentation Languages: English

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